Member of Trump's Evangelical Council Resigns; Hopes White Evangelicals Speak Out

Trump court evangelical picIt has been widely reported that A. R. Bernard announced his resignation today from President Trump’s evangelical council of advisors.  Tonight Rev. Bernard appeared on Don Lemon’s show on CNN to discuss his resignation.
Lemon asked Bernard why he stepped away. Bernard said that he hoped he would have influence but it did not turn out that way. He said some of the white evangelical leaders had the ability to speak directly to Trump but many did not. It turned out to be a kind of photo op.
On his reaction to Trump’s statements regarding Charlottesville, Bernard said that he is a black man who lives in America and who is also a Christian. He has had to think more about how to speak up on racial issues and that is not a reality that white evangelical leaders understand.
Asked by Lemon what he would like to see from the white evangelical leaders remaining on the council, Bernard said he hopes they will make strong statements on Trump’s response to Charlottesville. He doesn’t think they have to abandon him to do so.
I agree. I would like to see evangelical leaders use their access for good. They should be out front in condemning Trump’s response to the Charlottesville tragedy. However, unfortunately, some are lauding the president. Just tonight Robert Jeffress, one of the leading court evangelicals, came out with a supportive tweet.

I suspect this isn’t the kind of response Rev. Bernard was hoping for.
The full written statement of Rev. Bernard is below:


Will the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability Hold Gospel for Asia Accountable?

I am not betting on it.
CashThe Calvary Chapel Senior Pastors Conference ended yesterday with no public statements from anyone within the Calvary Chapel movement about Gospel for Asia. GFA exhibited at the conference but left their table unmanned much of the time according to sources there. Several pastors, speaking on condition of anonymity, told me that their church would soon drop support for GFA due to GFA’s public silence about various financial, personnel and leadership concerns.
Several sources have told me that GFA is holding up their membership in the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability as proof that no real problems exist. Furthermore, GFA insiders have told me that ECFA executives have reviewed GFA’s finances and is privately expressing confidence in GFA. ECFA leaders have ignored my requests for clarification or explanation about the missing money, money carrying to India, etc.
Mars Hill Church similarly pointed to ECFA membership as an indication that funds were being used properly. Even as the church did that, Mars Hill made changes to their procedures to come more into compliance with ECFA guidelines. What I learned about ECFA via the Mars Hill experience and then later through ECFA’s handling of Faith Christian Church is that donors cannot count on ECFA to disclose problems with members.
Now ECFA membership is being used by GFA to avoid explanations of multiple concerns raised by around 100 former employees, former donors, and bloggers. In my opinion, ECFA is now responsible for whatever problems GFA manifests. Here again is a summary of issues that GFA and ECFA have ignored.

Millions of dollars are unaccounted for and GFA has not given any reasons or explanations. Now GFA is claiming that ECFA has seen the books and has given the all-clear.
Since GFA won’t be accountable, I publicly call on ECFA to provide information relevant to list of concerns listed above.