What’s Going On?

Regular readers will notice I have not posted since Christmas.

So what’s up?

I am considering moving the blog to Substack or some similar platform and have been reevaluating how I want to use the blog. There are so many possibilities and I am exploring them. With impending retirement from Grove City College, I am rearranging a lot of things and how I conduct my writing is one of them.

Writing this blog has been a huge part of my life. I can’t imagine not doing it, and so I feel like I will continue to do so in some manner. I so appreciate those of you who read and comment.

The title of this brief post reminded me of this great tune on a different but important topic.

8 thoughts on “What’s Going On?”

  1. I have appreciated your blogs so much. I had always been wary of Mars Hill and didn’t know why until I came across your blogs on Mark Driscoll. I live in Seattle and was able to pass on your wisdom to others. Best wishes with everything in your future.

  2. Retirement. That is a big life change. No wonder you are distracted. I hope you never retire from writing about church scandals. There are too few out there and I do not think anyone was quite as effective with Mars Hill as you. And where would GFA be right now without you? And how many more like these exist that have not been brought to light? There is no lack of things to dig into out there.

    1. Julie Roys has done some sterling work in Warren’s absence, but you’re right, there aren’t too many evangelical Christians out there shining a light into the darker corners of American evangelicalism.

  3. Love that song, brought back a lot of memories (from the 70’s).

    I think many people today, in 2023, are asking the same question; “What’s Going On?” Concerning this nation and half of the population? One morning seven years ago I woke up and realized I had fallen down the Rabbit hole. Down was up, up was down, right was wrong, and wrong was right, everything had changed while I had slept. So like Marvin I continue to ask, “What’s going On?

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