Michael Peroutka Asks for Help from League of the South in Bid for MD Council Seat

Michael Peroutka, fresh off his 38 vote victory in the GOP race to run for a seat on the Anne Arundel County Council, asked for help from the League of the South in his bid for a Council seat in the fall election. In a post on the The League of the South website, League president Michael Hill boasted:

The League office received the following e-mail today. This means that after a vote recount, our Southern Nationalist candidate won the primary election!
Dr. Hill:
I am happy to report that after all votes were counted, we were ahead by 38 votes.
Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.
They will come after me in the general election in November. Not only locally, but also from across the country. There are many, as you well know, who hate the idea of Godly, constitutional government.
I ask you to ask the membership for prayers and for whatever financial support they can muster. I am grateful for our friendship and for the work of LS.
Please accept my thanks for your hospitality in Alabama.
I will be in touch.
Michael [Peroutka]

Hill calls Peroutka “our Southern Nationalist candidate.” For his part, Peroutka goes beyond an informative note to ask for support from the League and expresses gratitude for the “work of LS [League of the South].” This is a pretty clear indication that Peroutka’s return to elective politics is an effort to advance the goals of the League of the South.
Peroutka is probably right about national opposition. Because this race appears to be an effort to promote League of the South principles, I suspect supporters and opponents alike will take an interest in the election.
The motto of the League on the image above is “survival, well-being, and independence of the Southern people.” By Southern people, League president Michael Hill does not merely refer to all inhabitants of Southern states. Hill means European white people. On the “pro-white” website Occidental Dissent, Hill released a statement about the purposes of the League:

As President of The League of the South, I’d like to thank Rand Paul, the GOP, Salon, and all the other cultural, social, economic, and political organs that are helping us separate the proverbial men from the boys. To wit, you are helping us destroy any “middle ground” to which the timid can retreat for safety. Soon, those like Mr. Hunter will learn that there’s no place in the GOP for Southerners who wish to remain . . . Southerners. Just so there’s no chance that you’ll confuse The League with the GOP or any other “conservative” group, here’s what we stand for: The survival, well being, and independence of the Southern people. And by “the Southern people,” we mean White Southerners who are not afraid to stand for the people of their race and region. In other words, we understand what it is to be an historic “nation”–a specific people with a unique culture living on a particular piece of land. And, God willing, we shall one day have a name and place among the nations of the earth.” (emphasis in original)

Hill is glad for Peroutka who won the GOP nomination in Anne Arundel County. However, Hill differentiates Southern Nationalist candidates such as Peroutka from the GOP. While on paper, the ballot will appear to pit a GOP challenger against a Democrat. However, the voters of Anne Arundel County will choose between a Democrat and a Southern Nationalist. The Southern Nationalists want to secede and form a nation of white Southerners. I wonder what the voters of Anne Arundel county will choose?
See also this Capital Gazette editorial correctly noting that Anne Arundel County GOP voters have given their party in a dilemma.