League Of The South President Michael Hill Defines Southern People As White

In case there is any doubt about what the League of the South is about, one should listen to Michael Hill on the aptly named white nationalist radio show, The Political Cesspool.

The show, hosted by James Edwards, aired on the 15th of this month. The focus of the first half of the show was on the League’s anti-immigration rallies (aka “Southern demographic displacement”) in GA and the upcoming one in TN. Then at 10:31, Edwards asked Hill for a general description of the mission of the League. In response, Hill said:

We are for the survival, well-being, and independence of the Southern people. And when we say ‘the Southern people,’ we mean white Southerners. We are an ethno-nationalist movement and we want a free and independent South for our people, as our homeland. That’s pretty much what we are fighting for.

Then why get into immigration protests?

Now we’re doing the demographic displacement demonstrations to help with that first thing I said, the very survival of our people because if we don’t control the land, the soil with our blood, then we don’t have a place to live, we don’t have a place to work, we don’t have a place to worship, and raise our children. So the survival of our people [white Southerners] on our land is the first thing that we’re concerned about. And that’s why we’re having these rallies against our demographic displacement. But in the end, we want a free and independent South. We’re Southern nationalists; and as I said, we want an ethno, we’re ethno-nationalists, and we want an ethnic state for Southerners here.  

This is a clear statement that the League wants white people to have control of the South to form a white dominated state there. Hill and Edwards likened their cause to a struggle for the survival of whites; for them the alternative is “genocide” (a word they used).
Some have criticized the Cincinnati area pastors for linking Michael Peroutka’s Institute on the Constitution with the League, calling their effort, “guilt by association.” However, the more proper descriptive phrase is “guilt by participation.”
Earlier this year, Peroutka gladly joined the board of the League of the South, he pledged the resources of the Institute on the Constitution and his family to the League’s cause, he also said that he learned almost everything he knows about law and government  from the League. He said he is teaching the Constitution to prepare people for secession or the collapse of the federal government.
For the benefit of those wondering, I can tell you that I have tried to engage IOTC in a conversation about the affiliation with the League. Thus far, they have declined to address the issue.  It is not an unfair to conclude that Peroutka agrees with Hill about the aims of the League. If not, seems like he should say so.
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