With Questions Unanswered, Mars Hill Church Keeps On Pushing Mars Hill Global

Last week, Mars Hill Church admitted that they had caused confusion regarding donations to the Mars Hill Global Fund. While answering some questions, they left some unanswered. One big question: How much money was actually spent on Ethiopian and Indian evangelists between 2012 and 2014? Mars Hill offered to direct donations made to the Global Fund to mission purposes if requested. However, I wonder how most donors will ever know they are doing that. How many former/current members who donated to Global are going to be cruising the Mars Hill website and stumble on the Global FAQs? If ever donors find out, they could trigger a windfall for Ethiopian and Indian missions if they request the money go where they thought it was going to go.
Shouldn’t Mars Hill Church alert the donors to the Global Fund about how the money was used? ECFA guidelines require it.
As if we need any more confirmation that Mars Hill portrayed Mars Hill Global as a means to help the international missions, I present this You Tube video of a former Mars Hill member who looked up a Looney Tune segment and got a Mars Hill ad before the cartoon started. The ad was for Mars Hill Global and was filmed in Ethiopia with no mention of any application to the United States. Watch:
In fact, the ad was this video which asked Mars Hill members to give more than their tithe to Mars Hill Global:
I recently learned of an older lady who donated a substantial sum to Mars Hill Global thinking it would go to Ethiopian missions who is now bewildered by the recent message from the church. She doesn’t want to give her name but she used to attend Mars Hill and sat through many of the videos filmed in Ethiopia before giving her gift. Another individual who doesn’t want to be named also gave in 2012 thinking his money was going to missions. The several donors I have spoken with are afraid to go public.