The Dark Side of Medical Research

Over the last couple of years, I have written mainly about fraud and double talk in religious settings. Deception about history shouldn’t happen in the church but it does; spin from church leaders shouldn’t happen but it does.
Academic fraud shouldn’t happen but it does. This NYTs article provides a glimpse inside the fiasco in the University of  Minnesota’s medical research program.
The author says an honor code isn’t enough; I agree. An independently funded body won’t solve every problem since it would be populated by people, but it would probably help.
Recommended reading.

ACORN under investigation in 10 states – Hillbuzz

Hillbuzz is reporting that Association of Community Organization for Reform Now (ACORN) is under investigation for voter fraud in 10 states.
Clearly this is not a pro-Obama site to say the least but the blogger is citing inside information. The allegation of “many democrats involved” may be wishful thinking on the part of this blogger and we shall see if this is correct. It seem credible enough given the steady stream of disclosures involving ACORN – e.g., the ACORN group in Nevada that registered the Dallas Cowboys to vote. If ACORN affiliates have been engaging in fraud, then I am glad it is being discovered now.
Here is a video of John Fund who has investigated this group, talking about ACORN.