Vote Today Ohio organizer fired as adviser to New York Rep. John Hall

Yesterday, I posted about Amy Little, an adviser to New York Rep. John Hall and his campaign manager during the 2006 election. Little is also co-organizer of Vote Today Ohio, a pro-Obama get out the vote organization. Today according to the Times Herald-Record (NY), Ms. Little has been fired as Rep. Hall’s adviser in response to an investigation of her vote in Columbus, Ohio.
Alexa James writes,

NEW PALTZ — Congressman John Hall (D-Dover Plains) fired one of his long-time campaign advisers Tuesday, after learning that she’s embroiled in voter fraud investigations in Ohio.
Amy Little, 49, has been a registered Democrat in New York since 1991, and Ulster County election officials said she voted in the party primary here in February.
But in October, Little registered to vote in Ohio. On her registration paperwork, she indicated she moved from her home at 142 Guilford Schoolhouse Road in New Paltz to a place at 1979 N. 4th St. in Columbus, near Ohio State University.
That Ohio address also doubles as headquarters for a grassroots get-out-the-vote group called Vote Today Ohio. The organization’s pro-Obama Web site says it targets “young people from campus/urban centers” and drives them to early voting sights in Ohio. The group also offers housing to out-of-town members.
Franklin County Board of Elections officials said four people, including Little, registered from Vote Today Ohio’s address in October, just before the state’s deadline. Little requested an absentee ballot, which election officials said she has submitted.
According to Ohio election laws, voters must reside in the state at least 30 days prior to the election and must intend to stay there after November.

Ms. Little maintains she is following the law:

“I’ve been living in Ohio,” she said, when reached on her home phone in New Paltz Wednesday morning. “I have no intention of voting in New York,” she said, before cutting off the conversation, saying she had a flight to catch to Ohio.
Spokeswoman Pam Kapoor, with Vote Today Ohio, said Little moved into the group’s headquarters a couple months ago, along with several other “core members.”
Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney Ron O’Brien confirmed that Little’s name and address are under scrutiny.
Franklin County Board of Elections Director Michael Stinziano said his office has about 160 allegations pending, including “many” directed at Little and Vote Today Ohio. Election fraud in Ohio is a felony.
Rep. Hall’s campaign isn’t waiting for a verdict. The freshman congressman, who’s running for re-election in the 19th district, heard about Little’s problems Tuesday. “The moment we heard about it, her campaign consulting contract was terminated,” said Campaign Director, Susan Spear.

1979 N. Fourth Street, Columbus, Ohio.
1979 N. Fourth Street, Columbus, Ohio
UPDATE: The Poughkeepsie Journal has an article on Rep. Hall’s response to the Vote Today Ohio leader, Amy Little. Just a couple of additional points:

Pam Kapoor, a spokeswoman for Vote Today Ohio, said Little was part of a group of five or six people who had been living at the headquarters for the past three months. She said it wasn’t uncommon, calling the news “much ado about nothing.”

Pam Kapoor (who apparently is from Canada) said Vote Today Ohio has had the HQ for three months. I don’t know how long someone has been there but the self-described leader, Tate Hausman has only been there since mid-September.
(h/t to Liberty Boys for the Poughkeepsie article)

8 thoughts on “Vote Today Ohio organizer fired as adviser to New York Rep. John Hall”

  1. @Denise: The RNC put out a news release on this subject and it got immediately picked up by Market Watch but that was about it. Local papers in NY did an article or two but that’s it.

  2. Where is the RNC? Why are they missing in action? I’ve seen a couple hundred documents and videos regarding Fraud & Cheating, but the RNC did and does nothing.
    Something is amiss, and the RNC is complicit.

  3. The are registered as a PAC at the FEC –see link
    They took in roughly 80k in individual contributions and got 5k from
    One big contributor of note is Megan Hull — daughter of Blair Hull who was the primary opponent of Obama from Chicago in his 2004 Senate run — Blair got wasted when days before he primary — the Obama campaign got the Chicago Tribune to publish the details of Hull’s divorce were there were allegations of physical violence.
    Not sure I understand FEC rules — PAC claims it supports multiple FED candidates but is otherwise unaffiliated — only claimed expense disbursements for Obama.
    Would love to know how they raised there Money so quickly — launched on 9/15 and funded by 9/30 to the tune of 80k from folks all across the country — most chunks of 500 to 2000. They seem to claim to have no affiliation or connection with other PACs or campaign committees but clearly they got a Dem funding list from somebody.

  4. Excellent Work, Warren!
    Keep digging! If any more of these fraudsters turn out to be from New York please drop me an email, I’ll get the news out!
    Check out this first person report of what VTO was doing in Ohio.
    I guess they didn’t get enough votes out legally so they decided to take matters into their own hands, literally.
    Dan Maloney

  5. Amy, Just contact Jennifer Brunner. She’ll help make sure you get to cancel out my vote in Ohio, and THEN you can probably go home and cancel out someone’s vote from New York. I’m sure Jen will let you in how she got HER pass to steal the election for the “ONE” Lynn

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