David Barton Still Pitching His Discredited Jefferson Lies

Recently, David Barton spoke at Knightdale, NC at the Faith Baptist Church. He spoke on Saturday and then again on Sunday morning. In previous posts, I described his false teaching on HIV and his faulty claim that 50% of students at Christian colleges abandon their faith.
In the third session of his Saturday workshop, Barton makes many of the same claims he made in his book The Jefferson Lies. Because of those errors, Barton’s book was pulled from publication by Christian publisher Thomas Nelson. Michael Coulter and I debunked those claims in Getting Jefferson Right: Fact Checking Claims about Our Third President. In the following video, watch from 17:50 through 29:30 to hear the bogus claims about Jefferson.
I have covered the stories about chaplains at the University of Virginia, the Thompson Hot Press Bible, the Virginia Bible Society and the Jefferson Bible on the blog. We cover them more extensively in our book. In this speech, Barton rehashed The Jefferson Lies for his audience, without correcting the book’s flaws.
On his website, he has not corrected the false claim that The Jefferson Lies will be re-published by Simon & Schuster. The publisher has no plans to publish the book.
I guess I shouldn’t be surprised but I still am amazed that Barton peddles these misleading and false claims in church.