Vote Today Ohio leaders withdraw their votes in Ohio reporter Tiffany Wilson is reporting this morning that Amy Little, and Yolanda Hippensteele have withdrawn their votes in Ohio. Tate Hausman sought to do so but his vote had been opened and he cannot do so. He is seeking to withdraw his registration. The legal implications are unclear to me at this point. I had initially written that Hausman had withdrawn his vote but Ms. Wilson clarified in an email that Mr. Hausman’s vote had been opened.
Amy Little was recently fired from her job as adviser to NY Rep. John Hall.
There are other out-of-state voters that have been turned in to the Franklin County Board of Elections, no word as yet on their intentions.
More to come…

More voting shenanigans in Ohio

Ohio is the heart of it all, after all.
There was the nursing home case and then another nursing home case, voting twice, and more.
And then of course the Vote Today Ohio business.
(h/t: Charles Martin)
UPDATE: Via, here are some Cuyahoga County ACORN mysteries. Roll the tape, Tiffany: