League of the South Leaders Lament "Cultural Genocide"

In this National Geographic article, Maryland/Virginia League of the South president Shane Long declares his belief that the South belongs to a particular group of people.

Shane Long, vice chairman of the Maryland chapter of the League of the South, takes a more radical position. Child or adult, legal or illegal—it doesn’t matter, he says. He asserts that “a large amount” of native Virginians and Marylanders share his belief that all of the above intrude on Southerners’ right to exist as a distinct people. “Any act or nonaction by the federal government to bring about such large influxes of non-Southern peoples is genocide and is viewed as [that] by native Southerners,” he says. “It is, in effect, an act of war upon our people.”

In the comments section, League president Michael Hill takes the sentiment further:

Shane Long and The League of the South are correct: this is an act of war against the Southern people. It is an invasion, the result of which will be the ethnic replacement of Southerners with Latinos. Such an aggressive campaign to bring in illegal aliens is nothing less than cultural genocide, and the US regime is complicit. These aliens need to be sent back to their countries of origin, and they need to stay there. The South is for Southerners; it is our homeland.

Let’s remember what Hill means by the “Southern people”:

We are for the survival, well-being, and independence of the Southern people. And when we say ‘the Southern people,’ we mean white Southerners. We are an ethno-nationalist movement and we want a free and independent South for our people, as our homeland. That’s pretty much what we are fighting for.

Anne Arundel County Council candidate Michael Peroutka’s lead trainer at the Institute on the Constitution is David Whitney who is chaplain of Shane Long’s League chapter. Michael Peroutka refuses to back away from the League.