Maryland Republicans Distance Themselves from Michael Peroutka

I assumed it would eventually happen. Maryland Republicans (with a few sad exceptions) are distancing themselves from Michael Peroutka in his bid to become a county council member in Anne Arundel County (MD).
Yesterday, GOP candidate for Anne Arundel County executive Steve Schuh called on Peroutka to quit the League of the South. According to the Capital Gazette, the MD GOP executive director, Joe Cluster, asked Peroutka to resign from the League. Reportedly, Peroutka did not say what he would do.
Peroutka repeatedly has pledged his support for the League of the South. He recently thanked League president Michael Hill for his support and asked for financial contributions from the League.  Hill called Peroutka a “Southern nationalist candidate.”
Maryland’s Republican candidate for governor, Larry Hogan, also distanced himself from Peroutka by saying the Republican party does not stand for the principles embodied by the League of the South.  The Baltimore Sun reported yesterday that Peroutka denied being a racist and said he did not believe in secession. Peroutka should be asked why he continues to belong to a group and accepted a board member position with a group that believes in white separatism and secession as cardinal points of belief.
In my opinion, the Republicans should go a step further and refuse to support Peroutka even if he says he quits the League. While it may mean losing one seat, they will lose no matter who wins in District 5 because there is no actual Republican running.
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