New Group to Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church: We Are Not Anonymous

In his video address to Mars Hill Church, lead pastor Mark Driscoll to the congregation that the leaders of Mars Hill were having some difficulty knowing how to response to the latest crisis because many of those raising concerns about the church were doing so anonymously.  Driscoll said:

As well, one of the things that has been… complex is the fact that a lot of the people that we are dealing with in this season remain anonymous. And so we don’t know how to reconcile, or how to work things out with, with people because we’re not entirely sure who they are, and so that has, that has made things a little more complex and difficult as well.

I suspect there are some Mars Hill critics who remain anonymous to Mars Hill’s leaders. On the other hand, there are numerous people who have left Mars Hill and who are leaving Mars Hill who have made their concern known by name. I interviewed one such person in a prior post and now a new group on Facebook has been formed to address Driscoll’s claims. Titled, Dear Pastor Mark & Mars Hill: We Are Not Anonymous, the community group page now has nearly 100 likes after being formed late yesterday.
UPDATE: The group has become an open group on Facebook and can be viewed here.