Calvin College Says Institute on the Constitution American Club is Not Recognized on Campus

Last week, I reported that the Institute on the Constitution had visited Calvin College in late April. According the IOTC Facebook page, Peroutka spoke to an American Club on Calvin’s campus.

Because the existence of such a student group at Calvin did not ring true, I asked Calvin College about it. As I suspected, Calvin does not have an approved American Club on campus.
Bob Crow, Dean of Student Development, informed me that the Institute on the Constitution’s Director Michael Peroutka met with a small group of students when he visited campus. However, about an American Club, Crow said, “I can confirm that no such student organization exists at Calvin College.”¬† Furthermore, given the affiliation of Mr. Peroutka with the neo-Confederate League of the South, Mr. Crow said, “it is unimaginable that such a group could exist here.”
As is true of most colleges, Calvin requires recognized student organizations to go through an application process prior to approval. IOTC’s Facebook posting is misleading in that it implies the American Club is an approved Calvin College organization. According to Mr. Crow, the future does not look bright for the IOTC at Calvin.
Since I posted the information about IOTC at Hudsonville, MI and Calvin, a couple of the IOTC posts regarding Peroutka’s visits to the schools have disappeared from the Facebook page. ¬†Still can’t find out what high school in Hudsonville Peroutka visited; perhaps he was in nearby Grand Rapids.