Where in Hudsonville MI is This American Club?

On Wednesday, I reported that the Institute on the Constitution has expanded their American Clubs into Michigan. Specifically, I posted a link to some pictures and a video of high school students IOTC said made up an American Club in Hudsonville, MI. Appropriately, Peroutka titled this picture “high school student indoctrination.”

Here are some other pictures of the club.
Peroutka says these meetings took place at a high school in Hudsonville, MI. As far as I can determine, there are three high schools in Hudsonville, MI: Hudsonville High School (public), Unity Christian and Freedom Christian. I called all three and asked if the schools endorse or recognize this club. No one claimed the American Club. All representatives I spoke with denied that this meeting took place at their school. I also posted a question on the IOTC Facebook page with no answer.
Now I am curious. Where did this take place? Peroutka says he was mind snatching in MI but where did this mischief occur?
While public schools may not be able to keep American Clubs out, I would want to know about such a club in my child’s school. Instead of American Clubs, they should be called Christian Reconstruction clubs, or Dominionist Clubs.
Anybody recognize this school?
UPDATE: This picture appears to be the same location but the caption says it is in Grand Rapids.