League Of The South President: Ethnic Nationalism Better Than Democratic Process

Yesterday, I posted a tweet from League of the South president Michael Hill concerning the options non-white Southerners would have if Southern states secede. Hill again identified true Southerners as being of European descent, and added:

To us, “Southerners” are of European descent. They [referring to non-whites] can either go along with it, fight against it, or get out.

Hill’s answer was not enough for the Twitter user Jimbo. He then asked Hill what would happen when the non-white people refuse to turn over their homes to the whites.

At the time, Hill did not answer. Last night, I asked Hill if he would answer Jimbo’s question. What will happen when non-whites vote no on secession? Hill’s answer was evasive but it may indicate something about his political philosophy.
Hill seems to argue against the vote of all people as a means of taking power but rather hopes for a society run by a single group which, according to his prior statements, would be Southern whites. This is still vague because we don’t hear from him about how he would accomplish this victory for Southern whites.