League Of The South's President To Blacks: Go Along, Fight, Or Get Out

The League of the South often talks about an “Anglo-Celtic” (white) Southern secession from the nation but less frequently discusses what to do about the non-whites who now live there.  The League’s president recently gave us a clue about how that “problem” would be handled.
A Twitter user, Jimbo, used a racial slur to ask Hill how he would get blacks to go along with secession. Note Hill’s response:

Once again, Hill makes clear that the League of the South does not advocate for non-whites in the South (read the rest of the conversation). The League is not interested in a multi-racial South unless non-whites go along with the League’s belief that the South is a homeland for whites of European stock. Elsewhere, Hill has made it clear that, in the eyes of the League, Southerners are white people.
In light of Hill’s comments, I again ask League of the South board member Michael Peroutka if he supports his president and fellow board member’s rhetoric? Mr. Peroutka, are Southerners only of European descent? Do you still pledge the work of the Institute on the Constitution to the League’s vision of the South?