Institute on the Constitution: Don't Obey MD's Gun Control Law and Arrest Those Who Enforce It

In a column out today, League of the South board member and director of the Institute on the Constitution, Michael Peroutka advises readers not to obey Maryland’s new gun control law which goes into effect today.
He writes:

Therefore, we are calling on all peace officers in Maryland and all those who have taken an oath to the Constitution to resist this lawlessness. 
Specifically, we call on sheriffs and police officers in Maryland to declare their intention to uphold the law by refusing to enforce these measures. Moreover, we ask these same oath takers to keep the oaths they have sworn before God by actively protecting and defending us against those who would violate the law by seeking to enforce these vain enactments.
All those who try to enforce these lawless gun control measures should themselves be arrested and prosecuted for, among other things, conspiring to violate the rights of decent, innocent, law abiding Marylanders.

Peroutka invokes part of the 2nd Amendment as justification for his call to disobey gun control laws. He has been agitating for resistance to these laws from some time. It is hard to tell what will come of his call to lawlessness.