American Proposition v. Southern Nationalism

The Southern Nationalist Network’s new video portrays the difference between the American view and the Southern Nationalist view. Michael Peroutka’s League of the South is prominently featured in the second part of the video as the flagship for Southern Nationalism.

Just in case there is any doubt about who the Southern Nationalists are fighting for, pay attention to League of the South president Michael Hill’s words at 2:36 into the clip.

The true South today is defined by Southern nationalism. It’s not defined by conservatism, it’s not defined by the GOP (?), it’s not defined by libertarianism, it’s defined by Southern nationalism. And Southern nationalism is a manifestation of the culture of our South, the white, Anglo-Celtic South. That is Southern nationalism.

In this video, the proposition that all men are created equal is ridiculed and a distinction drawn between Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, and Ronald Reagan and the League of the South.
According to the SNN, the following is Not The South:

According to the SNN, this is The South:

Given what Hill said above the caption should read: a nation of white people.