Institute on the Constitution: Confederate Troops Fought For “Government Of The People, By The People, For The People"

According to a post on John Lofton’s Institute on the Constitution blog, journalist H.W. Mencken was right to declare the Confederate side of the Civil War to be fighting for government of the people. Lofton declared the Gettysburg address to be a lie because, in agreement with Mencken, the Union soldiers were fighting against self-determination.
And what did the South want to self-determine?
Mencken says the Confederates went into the battle free. But who was not free? What group of people, living in the South, did not have the right of self-determination?
After spending some time listening to the IOTC material and perusing their website, there can be little doubt that the the position of the IOTC is that the wrong side won the Civil War.  They are not over it.
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Michael Peroutka To Address “League Of The South” In Chattanooga, Tennessee, November 1
President Bush Trails Michael Peroutka by 45 Points! – “You may also tell them that I am proud to be a member of League of the South. I look forward to receiving the support not only from guys with Confederate flags in their trucks, but also those with the Southern Cross in their hearts.” — Michael Peroutka
Fireworks, Gettysburg, and a Bittersweet Fourth of July – In this article, Michael Peroutka says America lost the battle of Gettysburg:

The second sadness comes from the historical proximity of the defeat of our American forces at Gettysburg.
On the fourth of July, 1863, after three days of brutal and desperate fighting to defend and preserve an American way of life, American soldiers retreated in the rain through Frederick, Maryland and slipped back across the Potomac River to the relative safety of Virginia.
I wonder what “Independence Day” thoughts went through the minds of these men as they marched away from that horrific scene where they and their brethren had sacrificed life and limb for the cause of American Independence. What singular faith and courage led them to continue the struggle to defend America from the growing tyrant!
Though most people living in America don’t realize it, the Army of Northern Virginia was the last force capable of countermanding the centralized tyranny that had, more than one hundred forty-two years ago, succeeded in undermining the concept of the Constitutional Republic. When Lee lost at Gettysburg, no earthly force remained that could stand against the Washington leviathan.

Do you see what he did there?  Peroutka refers to the Confederate troops as the “American forces.”  These “American forces” were battling to “preserve an American way of life.” According to Peroutka, the effort to preserve the Union and end slavery was tyranny and the Confederates were fighting for the “cause of American Independence.”
So when the National Religious Broadcasters and Liberty University broadcast the IOTC course, should it be called the American view or the Confederate view?

Ban on Conversion Therapy for Minors Upheld in California

In an opinion handed down today, the 9th Circuit Court upheld California’s ban on conversion therapy for minors.
The staff summary of the opinion begins:

Reversing an order granting preliminary injunctive relief in Welch v. Brown, 13-15023, and affirming the denial of preliminary injunctive relief in Pickup v. Brown, 12-17681, the panel held that California Senate Bill 1172, which bans state-licensed mental health providers from engaging in “sexual orientation change efforts” with patients under 18 years of age, does not violate the free speech rights of practitioners or minor patients, is neither vague nor overbroad, and does not violate parents’ fundamental rights.

Here is the full text of the decision.
Note: I edited this post to reflect the fact that the quote above is from the staff summary of the opinion and not the actual opinion. The meaning is the same.

Institute on the Constitution: R. L. Dabney on Civil Government and Civil Rights

I have been making the case that the Institute on the Constitution defends the Confederate view of the Constitution more so than the American view that has evolved since the founding. This post provides another support for my case. Who one reveres and cites as an authority and who one rejects and denigrates can give some insight. In the case of the IOTC, it is very clear from their website that they believe Abraham Lincoln was a scoundrel and Confederate leaders and thinkers were heroes. On Lincoln, see these articles (here and here).
On the other hand, IOTC exalts R.L. Dabney. Dabney was a Presbyterian minister who fought for the South in the Civil War and was considered to be one of the leading theologians of the day. Dabney promoted the concept of a Christian nation and defended slavery before and after the Civil War. Dabney is cited frequently on the IOTC website. In fact, they cite him favorably in their mission statement.
Dabney is used as a source for IOTC teaching. His treatise on civil government is cited as a reading in their lesson on civil law and the civil magistrate. In this section, Dabney makes a case against the view of government as a social contract and instead proposes biblical law as a basis (as does IOTC). Later in this excerpt, Dabney defends slavery and diminished civil rights for blacks and women:

Men have by nature, a general equality in this; not a specific one. Hence, the general equality of nature will by no means produce a literal and universal equality of civil condition; for the simple reason that the different classes of citizens have very different specific rights; and this grows out of their differences of sex, virtue, intelligence, civilization, etc., and the demands of the common welfare. Thus, if the low grade of intelligence, virtue and civilization of the African in America, disqualified him for being his own guardian, and if his own true welfare (taking the “general run” of cases) and that of the community, would be plainly marred by this freedom; then the law decided correctly, that the African here has no natural right to his self–control, as to his own labour and locomotion. Hence, his natural liberty is only that which remains after that privilege is retrenched. Still he has natural rights, (to marriage, to a livelihood from his own labour, to the Sabbath, and to the service of God, and immortality, etc., &c). Freedom to enjoy all these constitutes his natural liberty, and if the laws violate any of it causelessly, they are unjust.

According to Dabney, a African in America had certain rights but not rights to be “his own guardian.” Elsewhere in his writings, Dabney referred to the righteousness of slavery and to abolitionists as infidels.
While I am not giving an opinion about what IOTC believes about Southern slavery, I am noting that their heroes promote a view of civil government that did not prevail beyond the 1860s. As articulated by the Declaration, Lincoln, and the Constitution as amended, America is dedicated to the proposition that all are created equal before the law; the Confederate view was not dedicated to that proposition.

League of the South to Protest Southern Demographic Displacement in TN

After 40-50 protesters showed up in tiny Uvalda, GA this past weekend, the League of the South is making plans for a more ambitious protest in Murfreesboro, TN in October.
The League’s objective is to create a “resistance movement in the South working toward the goal of a free and independent Southern homeland.” The belief among League leaders is that the federal government is deliberately displacing white Southerners in order to wipe out resistance to federal power. The clunky slogan, “It’s wrong to replace us” represents this belief. League president Michael Hill said it this way:

Every people must have a homeland, and this is ours. Throughout history, men have challenged each other for territory. Just because we live in what is called the “modern” world does not mean that the forces of history have been rendered inoperable. If you think so, you have not noticed that a Reconquista is taking place before our very eyes. Millions of Hispanics, Mestizos really, are reclaiming land for themselves and their progeny. How is this different, say, from any other aggressive migration in history? That’s right—it isn’t, except perhaps for the fact that it is being encouraged by the government that claims control over the invaded lands. Washington, DC, is bringing in a new, more compliant population from the Third World to overwhelm and replace us.

Murfreesboro has been the scene of protests before largely focusing on the Muslim population. Protesters in the past have expressed their resistance to the influx of Muslims into the region with the associated building of mosques. Those protesters waved American and Israeli flags. According to Hunter Wallace, a white nationalist and League member, the protest in TN is not about preserving Israel or America:

Needless to say, the League won’t be singing “God Bless America,” or waving the US flag and Israeli flag in combination.

According to Wallace, the League is getting off the web and into the streets. Some might scoff at this and point out that any movement for secession which aims for a white homeland is a non-starter. However, as I keep pointing out, the League now has as a board member Michael Peroutka, who has been making significant headway in the mainstream evangelical world (e.g., National Religious Broadcasters and Liberty University).  According to Mr. Peroutka, his Constitution course is designed to help create sentiment favorable to Southern secession.  I wonder if it is working.

Martin Luther King's Dream and the Declaration of Independence

My colleague Michael Coulter penned an op-ed in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have a Dream speech. It has been picked up by several newspapers; here is an excerpt with link to the Maysville (KY) Ledger Independent:

Aug. 28 marks the 50th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech at that great rally is rightly honored as one of the greatest speeches in American history.
All Americans recognize the soaring rhetoric of the final portion of the speech, where King speaks of a dream of an America without legal discrimination or racial prejudice. But the first part of that speech, wherein King speaks of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, is not as well-known but deserves to be. That portion demonstrates King’s commitment to the conception of justice held at the American founding.
In the third paragraph of King’s text, he says that “when the architects of our Great Republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, they were signing a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir.” With this reference to the declaration, there is a clear echo of that other great American speech from 100 years before King’s March on Washington speech: Lincoln’s Gettysburg address, which speaks of America as “dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.”

Read the rest here…

Free at Last – DC Talk

The 50th anniversary of the March of Washington for Jobs and Freedom is being commemorated this weekend through August 28. The march took place on August 28, 1963. Free At Last by DC Talk (from one my favorite all-time CDs) samples Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have a Dream Speech (which I will post on Wednesday).

DC Talk members Toby Mac, Kevin Max and Michael Tait attended Liberty University. How sad it is that Liberty University is hosting the Institute on the Constitution’s course on their television network.

Institute on the Constitution: Ted Cruz Can't Be President Because He is Not a Natural Born Citizen

Yesterday, the Institute on the Constitution reprinted an Orange County Register op-ed which declares Ted Cruz ineligible for the presidency because his father is Cuban. The article was posted by MD League of the South chaplain David Whitney.
Defining the “natural born citizen” clause of the Constitution in terms of parentage, the op-ed writer, Steve Jackson, comes to the the conclusion that Cruz’s father disqualifies the Texas Senator from eligibility.
Jackson writes that the founders got the term “natural born citizen” from a 1787 book by Emmerich de Vattel’s titled The Law of Nations – the Principles of Natural Law Applied to the Conduct and to the Affairs of Nations and of Sovereigns. He cites Book I, Chapter XIX, Section 212 which states: “…The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens…”
Will Obama birthers come out in opposition to Cruz? Will those opposed to a Hispanic president use this as a means to trip up his chances? I don’t know whether the op-ed writer is accurate in his claims but it will be fascinating to see this play out.
For more on the Institute on the Constitution read here.

League of the South Hopes to Create Friendly First Impression at Immigration Rally

Or perhaps they should call it, the Anti-Demographic Displacement Rally. Or the Rally to Prevent White Genocide.
According to the League of the South, white nationalists of various sorts will be in Uvalda, GA on Saturday to “rally against our displacement as a people.” League president Michael Hill told white nationalist radio host Rodney Martin that illegal immigration will lead to “anti- white genocide” if it remains unchecked. Uvalda is the home of Paul Bridges, mayor of the town and defender of immigrants who provide much farm related work in the region. Called a “scalawag” by the Georgia League president, Bridges has become a focal point of League anger.Thus, the League heads to the little George town of Uvalda to make their stand.
They want their stand in Uvalda to be inviting to those who might be attracted to their cause. To present a “friendly first impression” of white nationalism, the League has promoted some guidelines for protesters, including a dress code:

No t-shirts. Shirts must be tucked in. Belt needed. No belt buckles with pictures, flags or messages. The same goes for hats. No old or holey jeans. No re-enactment paraphernalia. Do not bring flags or signs – we will provide these. Please be ready to smile and make a positive, friendly first impression of the League of the South and Southern nationalism!

Instead of the Confederate battle flag, the group will sport the Georgia secession flag and a new flag which is a black cross on white background.
The new black cross flag is designed to be the antithesis of the American colors. Watch:

Very European. Opposition to forced equality.
See especially the conversation where John describes the differences between their black cross and the colors of the American flag.  At 4:19, he says:

John: It’s a complete rejection of course of the red, white, and blue which was borrowed from the French revolution. You know, equality, democracy, fraternity, you know, liberty
Michael Cushman: Propositional nation.
John; Right, it was a nation built upon a philosophy, or something of that nature, and this is a complete rejection of that, obviously.

By proposition nation, Cushman is referring to the League of the South rejection of Lincoln’s Gettysburg statement that the United States was “dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.”
So when the Michael Peroutka’s League of the South displays this new rejection of the red, white and blue, the group’s protesters will not be advocating for the American view, but rather the Confederate view.

Wake Up America! Profiting from Politics

Looking for something else, I came across Wake Up America, a method to profit from tea party politics.
Essentially, WUA wants people to buy media kits filled with tea party talking points, and then the new owners of a media kit try to get other like-minded people to buy the kits and start selling them too. The compensation plan is here. The more people selling kits on behalf of the “wakers” (as in those waking up a sleepy nation), the more money the wakers are supposed to make. Sounds all multi-level marketing to me. Some might call it a pyramid scheme. However, I am not qualified to make that assessment, but I suspect they are in compliance with the law.
Wake Up America features some big name conservative expertsLt. Gen. Boykin is there; Tim Johnson, Frank Gaffney, etc., and then League of the South board member Michael Peroutka on the list as well. I’m not sure what they do but they are there lending their reputation to WUA.  Clearly, IOTC is a player in the tea party world and should be taken seriously.
Apparently, WUA isn’t CEO William Head’s first rodeo. He started a similar plan in 2006 called Purge Congress. Apparently, that effort didn’t work out well.
Over the years, I have been approached by various people to enroll in plans to sell soap, vitamins, and once motivational videos. I never got involved because it seemed like a lot of work for very little payoff, at least since I was getting in way down the downline. In this case,  WUA sells ideology and apparently hopes that lots of people want to buy and sell it too.