Institute on the Constitution: Confederate Troops Fought For “Government Of The People, By The People, For The People"

According to a post on John Lofton’s Institute on the Constitution blog, journalist H.W. Mencken was right to declare the Confederate side of the Civil War to be fighting for government of the people. Lofton declared the Gettysburg address to be a lie because, in agreement with Mencken, the Union soldiers were fighting against self-determination.
And what did the South want to self-determine?
Mencken says the Confederates went into the battle free. But who was not free? What group of people, living in the South, did not have the right of self-determination?
After spending some time listening to the IOTC material and perusing their website, there can be little doubt that the the position of the IOTC is that the wrong side won the Civil War.  They are not over it.
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Michael Peroutka To Address “League Of The South” In Chattanooga, Tennessee, November 1
President Bush Trails Michael Peroutka by 45 Points! – “You may also tell them that I am proud to be a member of League of the South. I look forward to receiving the support not only from guys with Confederate flags in their trucks, but also those with the Southern Cross in their hearts.” — Michael Peroutka
Fireworks, Gettysburg, and a Bittersweet Fourth of July – In this article, Michael Peroutka says America lost the battle of Gettysburg:

The second sadness comes from the historical proximity of the defeat of our American forces at Gettysburg.
On the fourth of July, 1863, after three days of brutal and desperate fighting to defend and preserve an American way of life, American soldiers retreated in the rain through Frederick, Maryland and slipped back across the Potomac River to the relative safety of Virginia.
I wonder what “Independence Day” thoughts went through the minds of these men as they marched away from that horrific scene where they and their brethren had sacrificed life and limb for the cause of American Independence. What singular faith and courage led them to continue the struggle to defend America from the growing tyrant!
Though most people living in America don’t realize it, the Army of Northern Virginia was the last force capable of countermanding the centralized tyranny that had, more than one hundred forty-two years ago, succeeded in undermining the concept of the Constitutional Republic. When Lee lost at Gettysburg, no earthly force remained that could stand against the Washington leviathan.

Do you see what he did there?  Peroutka refers to the Confederate troops as the “American forces.”  These “American forces” were battling to “preserve an American way of life.” According to Peroutka, the effort to preserve the Union and end slavery was tyranny and the Confederates were fighting for the “cause of American Independence.”
So when the National Religious Broadcasters and Liberty University broadcast the IOTC course, should it be called the American view or the Confederate view?