David Barton: Christian Professors Were Trained By Pagan Professors Who Hate God

During the same program where David Barton claimed that only four professors in the nation criticized The Jefferson Lies, he also had something to say (listen) about the Christian professors who have raised concerns about his claims.

What happens is, and Christian professors were basically trained by pagan professors who hate God, and they’re just repeating what they’re been told.

I was reminded of this line by reading the History News Network article about Barton’s claim about the four professors.
I think what he might mean is ‘Christian professors who disagree with me were basically trained by pagan professors who hate God.’
For Coulter and me, Barton’s theory doesn’t work out. My history training came from Cedarville University profs back when the school was more conservative than it is now. Everybody seems pretty fond of God around CU. Coulter went to GCC and then the University of Dallas.
More generally, though, that is quite a strong and insulting statement, one I doubt he can back up.
It’s not too late to join the #Barton4.