Steve Deace to David Barton: Not So Fast

Tuesday, I posted a brief quote from David Barton claiming that only four professors didn’t like his book, The Jefferson Lies. He said this on the Steve Deace Show, a conservative talk show host from Iowa. In the Tuesday post, I listed many more professors who have expressed criticism of the book and have been adding names to the list since then.
Today, Deace penned a column titled, Not So Fast, in which he cited an email from me about the way Barton depicted his opposition. I commend Deace for not letting this drop. I also appreciate that he makes his audience aware that the concerns about Barton’s claims are coming from conservatives. As he notes, two conservatives who have raised questions about Barton’s claims, Jay Richards and Chuck Dunn, have been guests on his show.
At the end, Deace suggests that his audience “trust but verify” when it comes to various historical claims. For those who are inclined to accept such claims blindly, that would be a good start.