Vision Nationals: Another Part of Mars Hill Global Which May Lose Funding

Last week, I posted an update on Mars Hill Church’s Ethiopian connection, New Covenant Foundation. Even though Mars Hill Church raised millions by featuring their work, church leaders still have not pledged to give some of the seed money from the church dissolution to these pastors.
The other main international outreach was in India via Vision Nationals. Arjuna Chiguluri is the director of the mission and responded to my request for clarification of the current situation at Mars Hill.

Let me just start by saying that we are heartbroken over all that’s transpired, and we pray for all those affected.
As you know, Mars Hill Church has been a faithful supporter of our ministry for more than 15 years, and we are grateful for all they’ve done to help us plant churches in India. It’s been a truly generative partnership. Many have come to know Jesus as a result.
Anytime an organization loses a significant source of funding, it hurts, but we are very optimistic that God will provide. He has done so for more than 22 years, and we have no reason to believe that He will stop now.
As you think of it, Warren, please pray for India. We have more human need and more unreached people groups than any other nation on earth. Believing that Christ is the key to human flourishing, our passion is to proclaim and demonstrate the Gospel for as long as we have breath.
God bless you, brother, and thank you for reaching out to me.
In the ministry that counts,

As far as I can tell, these two mission groups believe in “human flourishing” as they spread the gospel and seek to improve the quality of life in the communities where they plant churches.
The latest information I have is that the seed money is designed to cover the expenses of the spin-off churches for three months. Surely, the church should donate a share of money from dissolution to these pastors and their families, many of whom live in poverty. With the wealth remaining at Mars Hill, there should be enough in a share to support these pastors for years.
Additional information: I should have added to this post the statement made by Mars Hill about Ethiopia and India:

Additionally, in 2015 we expect to make a final donation to Vision Nationals in India, and New Covenant Foundation in Ethiopia, prior to distributing net assets to the new independent churches, and some of the new local churches hope to continue the legacy of supporting these missions.

While this sounds like the missionaries will get funds, it is not clear that this pledge is for anything more than was planned if the church had remained open. However, neither group seemed to be aware of anything beyond the 2015 money already committed for the fiscal year. Mars Hill is closing in the middle of the fiscal year and it appears that they “expect” to complete their donation for until June 2015.
What I am talking about (and I believe  I wasn’t as clear as I needed to be) is a substantial distribution more akin with what came in through the Global Fund. I hope Mars Hill leaders surprise the world and publicize where the distribution is going. From the current statements of the church and the missionaries, I don’t expect anything more to be given than what was planned for the remainder of the FY.

Frustrated About the Mars Hill Global Fund? Help Ethiopian Pastors Directly Through New Covenant Foundation

Yesterday, Mars Hill Church posted a request for members to give money through the end of the year. The request raised the possibility that the eleven independent churches might not get off the ground if members didn’t keep giving to Mars Hill.

Without generous people like you continuing to give through the end of the year, many of these churches may not have the necessary funds to continue as new churches.

As I said yesterday, I don’t understand this threat. If the churches are so fragile that survival depends on Mars Hill giving now, I don’t understand how they will make it when the Mars Hill money runs out.
In any case, one casualty of Mars Hill’s demise may be the Ethiopian pastors supported by the church through partnership with New Covenant Foundation. New Covenant provides several ways for donors to support Ethiopian pastors. Current funding for those pastors will run out at the end of the fiscal year.
One may donate to New Covenant Foundation here. Watch:
Mars Hill used videos of Ethiopian and Indian pastors living in poverty to raise money for the Global Fund. However, as the church admitted, most of the money went to expanding Mars Hill locations in the United States. Millions were raised with only a tiny fraction being spent on international efforts. We all learned later that this was the plan all along.
I believe that the money raised for the Global Fund should now be given to the charities which manage the resources for the Indian and Ethiopian pastors. If the actual donations are not given to them, then the dissolution pot should be divided 12 ways instead of 11 with a share given to the international pastors. This commitment was not mentioned in yesterday’s end of the year fund raising appeal.
To help address Mars Hill’s lack of clarity on this matter, I am today featuring the Ethiopian charity. In a future post, I will provide information about Vision Nationals, the charity which operates in India. Mars Hill folks have been voting with their nickels for months, they can do it again one last time.