Only Two Weeks Until the End, Mars Hill Church Still Wants Donations

Even though Mars Hill Church dissolves at the end of the year, someone in charge of the website is still seeking donations. It isn’t clear just who is making decisions. Is it Dave Bruskas? He is telling Albuquerque that the new church will be marked by transparency. However, since nobody signed this communication, it is not clear who is asking for money.
The initial paragraph doesn’t seem reasonable. No explanation is given for why giving to Mars Hill and having that donation split eleven ways is going to help the local churches more than a direct donation to that local church. If they can’t raise the necessary funds on their own now, then how will they ever do it?
I have heard no explanation for this; readers, have you?

Thank you for continuing to faithfully serve and give to your church. As we close out the year and say good-bye to Mars Hill, your gifts continue to be very important as they will determine how much will be distributed to help fund the eleven independent churches launching in January. Without generous people like you continuing to give through the end of the year, many of these churches may not have the necessary funds to continue as new churches.

We wanted to provide the following information for our donors and supporters, to keep you informed as you prepare to make your final year-end gifts to Mars Hill Church.

Giving at Local Churches – Each of our local churches will continue to accept gifts made during Sunday services through December 28th, 2014. Should you desire to give this way, simply drop your gift in a giving basket or GIVE box after service.

Gifts via Mail – If you’d like to mail in your final gifts to Mars Hill Church, please make sure they are postmarked by December 31st, 2014 and sent to the following address:

Mars Hill Church
c/o Giving
1401 NW Leary Way
Seattle, Washington 98107

Feel free to use a GIVE envelope which are available at all Mars Hill Church locations to send your gift in postage free.

One Time Gifts via ACH or Debit/Credit Card – Donors may give online at via debit card, credit card or ACH up until 9:00 PM PDT on December 31st, 2014.

Recurring Gifts via ACH or Debit/Credit Card – Recurring gifts setup online at are drafted on the 5th and 20th of each month. If you have setup a recurring gift, we will automatically stop your gift after the final scheduled gift on Monday, December 22nd (next business day after the 20th) has cleared.

If you wish to stop your recurring gift manually, you may do so at anytime by sigining in at with your Mars Hill account.

Text to Give – Donors will be able to text gifts to Mars Hill Church up until 9:00 PM PDT on December 31st, 2014. Simply text “Mars Hill” and the amount to 45777.

Stock Gifts – Mars Hill Church will continue to accept gifts of publicly traded securities or bonds through December 31st, 2014. Please contactgiving@ if you need broker information.


In July 2014, Mars Hill Church sent mid-year statements to our donors to the address we had on file. Year-end donor statements will be mailed out on or around January 20th, 2015 to assist with your tax return preparation. In order to ensure your statement is received, please check your mailing address by completing one of the two options:

  • Log into the Give page and check to see if your giving account is linked (Once logged in, you should be able to see your giving history on the “View giving history” tab. If your account is linked, you can update your address under your account settings.)

  • Contact [email protected] or call our giving line at 206.816.3649. Please include your donor and family number from your mid-year statement and include your complete mailing address. We’d also appreciate your updated phone number and email address should we need to get a hold of you.


Thank you again for your generosity and faithfulness in helping us finish well. We wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and blessings in the new year.

Should you have any questions about giving, please contact [email protected] which will remain active at least through April 2015.