Institute on the Constitution's Jake MacAulay to Share Stage with Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Rick Santorum at SC Tea Party Event

This weekend, the theocratic Institute on the Constitution will have a representative on the program at the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention. IOTC’s Jake MacAulay will share the stage with Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz, possible presidential candidate Ben Carson, former Senator Rick Santorum, along with other elected officials.

It is sad that the conference will spill over to Martin Luther King Day on the 19th with IOTC as a part of it. The IOTC teaches that civil rights legislation should never have been passed, and that King, Jr. was not a champion of civil rights. They also host an article on their website which justifies discrimination based on race, nationality, and religion. The founder of IOTC is a former board member of the segregationist League of the South, and senior instructor David Whitney is the chaplain of the Maryland-Virginia state branch of the League.
Originally, a speaker from the white nationalist group Council of Conservative Citizens was scheduled to speak but has been scrubbed from the program. I asked the Coalition if they are aware about the IOTC’s teachings, but have not received a reply as yet.
Conservative executive at the Family Research Council Gen, Jerry Boykin cancelled an event with the IOTC when he learned about their views. However, it appears that the IOTC is making headway among religious right conservatives.