Perry Noble Invites You to Win with Weight

I’m just going to leave this here:
Perry Noble Win Weight
When last we visited our intrepid preacher, he was fronting a new church – the Second Chance Church. Now he’s saying no to second helpings of whatever is on the menu with his new weight loss devotional series.  For only the perfect amount of $7, you get:

  • A 10-day devotional written to help you begin your journey
  • A custom workout plan (including printouts) to help you get physically fit
  • Access to a private Facebook Group for encouragement and support on your fitness journey
  • A workout playlist featuring some of my favorite songs

Perry’s favorite songs? That’s probably worth the seven bucks right there.
The video promo is surreal. He launches into his stories as if his church and marriage losses never happened. He says this is the best thing the Lord ever allowed him to produced.
Just in time for Christmas gift giving!
As an aside, just try getting through the entire video without blinking. I don’t think Noble blinks. I don’t know for sure because I keep blinking and maybe he blinks when I do. He has the most amazing ability to keep his eyes wide open for long periods of time.

Former NewSpring Pastor Perry Noble Incorporates Second Chance Church

After NewSpring Church former pastor Perry Noble was fired by the church he founded, he went into a brief period of media silence. The firing related to alcohol use and family issues and the response was to enter rehab followed by a helping relationship with psychologist John Walker. More recently, Noble launched a consultation business called the Growth Company which targets both businesses and churches.  Even more recently, Noble has been preaching at churches as a guest speaker. Now, apparently, Noble plans to launch a new church — Second Chance Church.

According to a filing with the South Carolina Secretary of State on 7/14/17, Perry Noble incorporated the Second Chance Church as a religious organization in South Carolina.  The incorporation papers are routine for a church except that this church only requires three board members and they do not have to live within South Carolina.
Second Chance Church Screen Cap
At the end of July, Noble posted a reflection after a year of being in recovery.  He described a bit about his experience since going into rehabilitation in Tucson, AZ. Curiously, he did not mention his wife or former church. Concerning his status with his former church NewSpring, he doesn’t seem to be getting a second chance there. The feud blew up into a public debate recently between the church and Noble. Noble accused the church of misrepresenting him and the church leadership said they had attempted to support Noble’s recovery.
No doubt, his return to more formal ministry will reignite conversation about how soon is too soon to return to vocational ministry after being forced to leave it.

Related Information

There is at least one other Second Chance Church in the U.S. There is no obvious connection between the two entities.
Possible first sermon series in the new church: Get Back Up!

After the rehab experience, Noble entered the care of psychologist John Walker. From Noble’s Facebook page:

John Walker has been my therapist for around seven years now and I hold him in highest regard. In those seven years I’ve allowed him to speak into me; however, I am now humbly submitting myself to him and giving him authority over me as I believe he will serve as my pastor, my psychologist and my spiritual formations director in this next season.

Perry Noble is Back!

Perry Noble is back and ready to help you.
He is busy tweeting, recording podcasts, and launching his consulting service – The Growth Co. at He also has a business consulting wing at Looks like he is going all John Maxwell on us.
Last we saw Noble (September of 2016), he had “gone dark” on social media and was submitting to his psychologist/pastor/mentor while dealing with personal issues. Just prior to his brief absence from the public eye, Noble was relieved of his duties as founding pastor at NewSpring Church.
Noble’s consulting service is based on his success at New Spring and seems pretty ambitious. Here are some of what Noble offers:

“We would love to talk to you (the senior leader) and/or your entire team about maximizing your potential, delegating what drains you, and making sure you do not burn out.”
“One of the ways we can serve leaders is by providing personal leadership coaching and development, making sure you are maximizing every aspect of your leadership.”
“We can do a deep dive on culture and create a place that both you and others love.”
“We would love the opportunity to partner with you and show you why this is so important and how to maximize social media to connect to more people and grow your church.”
“One of the things we can do is come alongside of you and plan out a 52 week preaching calendar that will maximize attendance, give you several preaching breaks and allow you to establish momentum unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.”
“At NewSpring we took a budget of $58,000 (our first year) to over $63,000,000 – and in so doing learned a few things along the way I believe will help you maximize giving in your church.”
“Jesus said He would build His church, and your church is not the exception.  Let’s chat about what we can do to set your church up for healthy, lasting growth.”

The last quote confuses me. If Jesus is going to build His church, then why do I need Perry Noble to do it? I suspect Noble and any number of other consultants could help me build a bigger religious business with more customers and a bigger budget. What I don’t understand is why I need Noble to help build the entity that Jesus is already building.

Perry Noble Out at NewSpring Church over Excessive Use of Alcohol (VIDEO) (UPDATED)

UPDATE: A little while ago, NewSpring put up Noble’s and the church statement read in church this morning.
In a dramatic announcement this morning during the worship service, a representative from NewSpring told his congregation Perry Noble had disqualified himself from ministry due to excessive use of alcohol. The elders decided he should step down.
In a statement from Noble, he denied any sexual or domestic difficulties and indicated that he was receiving psychiatric care for his substance abuse.
Since early last week, Noble has been at the center of rumors of domestic problems including alcoholism and a difficult marriage. Watchkeep blog first reported that Noble had been fired. When I contacted NewSpring, Suzanne Swift, communications director, told me to tune in to the church service to hear an announcement from Noble and the church but did not deny that Noble had been fired. Then the Christian Post cited an anonymous source alleging problems with alcohol and Noble’s marriage.
Church sources steadfastly refused to comment and church members expressed sorrow and confusion over the news on social media. Some speculated that the rumors were generated by NewSpring as a hoax or gimmick. Many members on social media pledged to stand by Noble and the church.
Part of Noble’s statement:
Audio of the elders’ statement saying that this process has taken place over the past several months and included marital issues.
On Treatment
I hope Rev. Noble seeks help which doesn’t spiritualize the real medical issues implied in the statement. He said he is seeing a psychiatrist. We know that treatment can be effective along with social support. He is to be commended for seeking help.
Apparently, the church is going to provide for the family while Noble focuses on his recovery. To me, other than the goofy PR statement, the church seems to be taking a commendable path by relieving him of duties while providing for his needs and treatment (assuming it is appropriate treatment). Taking him out of ministry may relieve him of the pressure of feeling like he has to come back to ministry at all. For some people, certain jobs (in this case being a minister) may lead to cues and triggers which are hard to handle without resorting to addictive behavior. At the end of this, he may find he should go into something else.  I wish him the best.

NewSpring Church Won't Deny Departure of Perry Noble (UPDATED – Noble Dismissed July 1)

Yesterday, Watchkeep Blog speculated that Anderson, SC megachurch NewSpring Church had fired pastor Perry Noble. Today, I emailed NewSpring Communications Director Suzanne Swift and ask if she could confirm or deny this report. She replied via email and said:

I would love to invite you to join us at church this Sunday to learn more from Perry and NewSpring Church. We will have services on Sunday at 9:15am, 11:15am, 4pm or 6pm at our Anderson Campus, located at 2940 Concord Road.

When I told her I couldn’t make it, she said I could watch the service at
Apparently, local news outlets are on to something because South Carolina television station WYFF reported on a closed door leadership meeting today at the church. When asked by WYFF about the meeting, Swift gave the exact same answer to WYFF as she did to me and Watchkeep.
The lack of a denial seems odd but apparently the church wants people to tune in Sunday to find out.
Noble has faced friendly fire from his Southern Baptist peers and has been a consistent supporter of Mark Driscoll and in the face of criticism defended Driscoll’s appearance at his leadership conference in the Spring.

Former Mars Hill Elder Tells Perry Noble, "You Are in the Dark" about Mark Driscoll

On Tuesday (one day after I posted the news that Mark Driscoll had publicly announced formation of The Trinity Church in Phoenix), Perry Noble, pastor of NewSpring Church, spoke about Mark Driscoll’s return to ministry. (I am embedding it because the Facebook feature isn’t working currently. The link to watch it on Noble’s page is here)

On Noble’s Facebook page, former Mars Hill Church elder Dave Kraft left the following message:

Perry, I appreciate your heart in all of this, but do wish you had done your homework and exercised due diligence by finding out what really happened at MHC! I’m afraid you are in the dark about the truth of what transpired and why The Acts 29 network, Paul Tripp and 30 former elders believe that Mark Driscoll disqualified himself and needs to make some things right before stepping back into pastoral ministry! I appreciate your ministry, read your books and value your leadership wisdom.

I expected mixed reactions to Driscoll’s announcement. My guess is that the same polarization will pick up about where it left off.
Who Matters in Perry Noble’s Christian Army?
I doubt many would deny that there is a trail of loose Mars Hill ends from Seattle to Phoenix.
Mars Hill Church had millions in assets. Much of that money was given by people who are now disillusioned and skeptical about organized church. They deserve an accounting of their funds. They have reason to believe Mark Driscoll could secure that for them. I believe they are correct and will believe that unless Mark Driscoll provides evidence to the contrary.
More important than the money is the damage done to the trust of former members. To them, Driscoll’s assurance that he is healing up seems self-absorbed. It seems as though Perry Noble cares more about Driscoll’s return to ministry than the people who lost their confidence in church. Noble’s concern is clearly for Driscoll but I hear nothing about the people in Seattle who have desired all along to hear from Driscoll and makes things right.
At 4:00 into the clip, Noble mentions the former members:

Some people have said, Perry, he hurt people. So have you. So have you. Do we want to talk about the people he’s hurt, or do we want to talk about the people maybe you’ve hurt. Cause did he hurt people, did he misuse his power? Did he abuse people? I don’t know. But I think he’s got ministry left in him, I think Jesus still loves him, I don’t think God removed his calling from Mark’s life and um, he may have hurt people but you know what, he’s learned from it and he’s going to step into this season of ministry with a brand new focus and I praise God for that.

Noble’s concern is about how Driscoll is doing: since Driscoll allegedly has learned from his experience, all is well. He’s got a new focus and that’s what matters. Why don’t the former members matter? Why doesn’t Perry Noble try to find out if Driscoll abused his power? He speaks about the hurt ones without knowledge of them.
This cavalier attitude toward the wounded in Seattle comes across as insensitive. Noble says Christians are the only army who shoot their wounded. In Noble’s version of Christianity it is also fine to leave the wounded bleeding on the battle field. His Christianity rehabs the generals and leaves the foot soldiers to fend for themselves.
What is amazing about real Christianity is that reconciliation is still possible. Based on my conversations with former Mars Hill Church members and leaders, it isn’t too late for everyone to heal up together.

Mark Driscoll to Talk about Leadership at Perry Noble's Church

You can’t make this stuff up.
Next year Mark Driscoll will speak at a one day you-can’t-live-without-it leadership conference for Perry Noble. Check out the conference description.

Pastor Mark will be speaking at the Lead Conference hosted by Perry Noble. This one-day conference will be held at NewSpring Church in Anderson, South Carolina on March 3rd, 2016. This event is uniquely designed for leaders who want their teams and their organizations to succeed beyond their expectations.

And the beat goes on…
I just saw that Wenatchee the Hatchet wrote about this last week. He has some interesting things to say about it. Go check it out.

Southern Baptists Say Enough to Perry Noble and NewSpring Church

I don’t know the issues but I post this because it will probably be of interest to readers who follow megachurch news.
Baptists’ Message to NewSpring: You’re not one of us
Noble has admitted to using Resultsource (at least he admitted it) but he did not take profits from the book (different than Mars Hill and according to former Turning Point CFO George C. Hale, David Jeremiah).
Perhaps a NewSpringInsida will show up to enlighten us. Or maybe a NewSpring mattc will provide the church view.

Perry Noble's New Spring Church Used ResultSource to Market Unleash

New Spring Church, pastored by Perry Noble, also used ResultSource to market Noble’s book Unleash. The church released a statement to Christianity Today explaining their reasoning. Read the whole statement here, below is a segment.

Perry Noble used ResultSource to help market and promote one book that he authored—Unleash. The contract for that book was actually a contract between NewSpring Church and the publisher, not between Perry and the publisher—meaning the church would receive all the proceeds from the book, regardless of sales. Specifically, as of November 1, 2014, NewSpring Church has earned more than $60,000 from the marketing and sales of Unleash, all of which Perry would reasonably have been personally entitled to, had the book contract been between him and the publisher.

Indeed, the church holds the copyright.
In the case of Mark Driscoll, the church entered the contract with ResultSource but the book was copyrighted by his LLC On Mission and royalties paid to that entity.
The statement says the church paid $30k to ResultSource and closes in a confusing manner.

If an author believes in the message of his/her book, he or she will want to see the book achieve its widest possible distribution. In the promotion of any book, there are many options available when considering marketing. With this particular book, we choose to use the marketing option that ResultSource provided. This type of marketing is not one we’ve used since on any additional books Perry has written and would not be one we would choose to use again.

They didn’t do anything wrong and they won’t do it again.
Changing the ownership of the book corrects some of the problem. The rest of the problem not directly addressed by this statement is how many books the church had to buy as a part of the process. If ResultSource just did marketing, then that is of little interest; if New Spring also purchased thousands of books via ResultSource’s fake accounts to make it appear that thousands of people were buying the book, then I think that is a problem.
This statement was linked to by Ted Olsen in a sidebar from the larger piece on ResultSource.
The admission that Noble’s book was helped out by ResultSource is not new. A similar statement was released to James Duncan at Pajama Pages last Spring. Duncan then parses the information. Check out the entire post.