Perry Noble Invites You to Win with Weight

I’m just going to leave this here:
Perry Noble Win Weight
When last we visited our intrepid preacher, he was fronting a new church – the Second Chance Church. Now he’s saying no to second helpings of whatever is on the menu with his new weight loss devotional series.  For only the perfect amount of $7, you get:

  • A 10-day devotional written to help you begin your journey
  • A custom workout plan (including printouts) to help you get physically fit
  • Access to a private Facebook Group for encouragement and support on your fitness journey
  • A workout playlist featuring some of my favorite songs

Perry’s favorite songs? That’s probably worth the seven bucks right there.
The video promo is surreal. He launches into his stories as if his church and marriage losses never happened. He says this is the best thing the Lord ever allowed him to produced.
Just in time for Christmas gift giving!
As an aside, just try getting through the entire video without blinking. I don’t think Noble blinks. I don’t know for sure because I keep blinking and maybe he blinks when I do. He has the most amazing ability to keep his eyes wide open for long periods of time.