Status Of Institute On The Constitution Course On NRB Network Unclear

According to an article on the Southern Poverty Law Center blog, the Institute on the Constitution’s American View course is “to be removed” from the NRB Network. ¬†However, it is not clear if the last session will air as scheduled tomorrow night. As of now, the final session remains on the NRB Network schedule. Another point that is not clear and has not been addressed by NRB Network is the status of future programming from IOTC.
I wrote the NRB this morning and NRB Director of Communications Kenneth Chan said that all inquiries about the course should be directed to the NRB Network based in Nashville, TN. I then wrote the NRB via email and social media with no response. My initial question about the matter was removed from the NRB Network Facebook page without response (although my second attempt remains on the page but with no answer).
UPDATE 9/26: The 12th part of the series was broadcast as scheduled.  I will have some notes from the program tomorrow.