Carrie Prejean to appear in traditional marriage ad; gets Liberty U. scholarship offer

Is anyone else puzzled by the response to our new family values spokeswoman? For taking a position against same-sex marriage in a beauty contest, she gets invited to the Dove Awards and offered a scholarship to attend Liberty University during her senior year by Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr.
Now she will soon appear in an anti-same-sex marrage ad.
Cover (up) Girl and Miss California, Carrie Prejean.
Will she be able to abide by the dress code at Liberty U.? Probably will need some new swimwear…
Before some of my readers get all uppity, let me add that I think Perez Hilton was a jerk about the whole issue, should never have asked such a volatile question and reacted in extremely poor taste afterward. But unless religious conservatives have some kind of answer to our girls about how they can lionize a Miss USA contestant and stress modesty at the same time, I do not see the virtue in giving her the platform.