Carrie Prejean to appear in traditional marriage ad; gets Liberty U. scholarship offer

Is anyone else puzzled by the response to our new family values spokeswoman? For taking a position against same-sex marriage in a beauty contest, she gets invited to the Dove Awards and offered a scholarship to attend Liberty University during her senior year by Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr.
Now she will soon appear in an anti-same-sex marrage ad.
Cover (up) Girl and Miss California, Carrie Prejean.
Will she be able to abide by the dress code at Liberty U.? Probably will need some new swimwear…
Before some of my readers get all uppity, let me add that I think Perez Hilton was a jerk about the whole issue, should never have asked such a volatile question and reacted in extremely poor taste afterward. But unless religious conservatives have some kind of answer to our girls about how they can lionize a Miss USA contestant and stress modesty at the same time, I do not see the virtue in giving her the platform.

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  1. Carrie Prejean is a girl that deserves to win the title that she won. She maybe against gay marriage but we should respect her opinion.

    Yes, I completely agree. Just also want to add that she never said she was against gay marriage – in fact, she said something to the effect that others had the right to think otherwise but it was her personal belief that marriage was a union of a man and woman. That simple comment was used as an opportunity once again to use the term “anti-gay”. Yawn.

  2. Carrie Prejean is a girl that deserves to win the title that she won. She maybe against gay marriage but we should respect her opinion.

  3. Yep. He’s an absolute delight. Ugh.
    Perez is tolerated, barely, by the gay world. For the most part no one respects him and most wish he’s shut up, grow up, and stop being obnoxious.
    Go back to being Mario and stop insisting that the world pay you constant attention, Perez.

  4. Some more behavior typical of Perez Hilton:
    “Hilton, who is openly gay, said Monday that he called a “faggot,” a gay slur, inside the club after the musician told the blogger not to write about his band on his website.
    He posted about the attack on the popular microblogging site Twitter on Monday, and has since rejected a call by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation to apologize for using the term.”

  5. Thankfully – as you said David – the public can see through such things.!!!

  6. Maggie Gallagher is laughable – much like that recent “gay storm” ad 🙂

  7. Maggie, like all advocacy groups, uses popular media opportunities as they arise; you cannot pick such opportunities. You focus on the slivers and the facts that support your argument and trust that the public can process the accompanying flaws.
    Such is the case with Matthew Shepherd, a much more worthy example of a public event occurring with flaws…
    Those who oppose your arguments, don’t deal with the argument itself (and how it is highlighted by the recent public media event), they aggressively look for the flaws.
    It is distraction and cynicism applied.
    Everything and everyone is broken.

  8. Mary, I agree that some folks had a bit too much fun at Carrie Prejean’s expense over the implant thing. But we are all aware that her Christian testimony is adversely impacted by the superficiality of beauty pageants. She lives in a glass house now, although she is to be commended for using that platform to speak her heart, especially given that she was set up.
    Perhaps it is the influence of the “beautiful princess within” bunk on Christian women we should be focusing on. There is a whole movement in women’s ministries that plays to low self-esteem. The women in my SSA group snicker over these poor women who prattle on and on at singles ministry gatherings about hair and makeup and clothes. They are overlooking the essential foundation of the house and are focusing on the paint. Stacy Eldridge and her ilk ought to be exposed for their role in this nonsense.

  9. @jen: Sorry, I am guessing your comment went to the spam filter, especially if much about breasts was in it. It is a little sensitive.
    So now that you are approved, you can comment about it if you want to. I don’t know what you wrote since the spam filter catches thousands of comments. I did a cursory look but couldn’t find yours.

  10. for someone who talks about free speech but to not post my comment from yesterday and allows all this breast talk… is really sad and hypocritical. i’m done following you.

  11. Is any here aware that women who have breast implants have a higher risk of suicide? Does that alarm anyone or does that concern anyone about the person whom you are speaking. The frivolty and the crassness of some comments here are VERY unchracteristic of christians. I am embarrassed for you and sadenned by placement of such comments in this blog.

  12. Maggie Gallagher has named her as the “new face of the marriage movement”. I think she’ll regret that.
    It isn’t just the superficiality of breast enhancement that suggests that Miss Prejean may be a bit “flexible” in her “values”. It’s hard to explain just why she decided to model for the “Super Taste” centerfold for B!isss Magazine (as is indicated on the Miss California website).

  13. From the story Warren linked to:

    “I don’t want to fire Carrie. I want her to use her platform, because this is her platform, I didn’t know she was this passionate about it … I’m glad I know now and I support and will help her, but …” she trailed off.

    Now, that’s about as phony as Prejean’s anatomy enhancement. They are going to support her traditional marriage “platform” as Miss California? Right!

  14. I am crushed…I thought God made her perfect.
    These events seem to travel a course of surprise, outrage, virtue and then disgust…followed by a long period of cynical jokes.
    There must be someone who understands such cycles…we get the impression of being engaged and opinionated, but in the end we just do the same old dance.
    It’s not about her boobs.

  15. Beauty is often confused with wisdom, intelligence and character…it is none of those things.

    I think beauty is exactly those things: wisdom, intelligence and character….
    Physical beauty is only icing on the cake to true beauty ….. and as the mom of two young daughters, I’d have to say fake breasts don’t fall into the category of physical beauty in my opinion.

  16. Of course – you would say that her boobs say everything you need to know about her. Don’t you think that is objectifying her? Just a tad??? Even if you don’t like boobs – you have reduced her to that. Shame on you.

  17. I attend one of those churches, too – but they are more compassonate towards gays. Anyhow…. I am surprised that her christian brothers and sisters are supporting her beauty queen petitioning. Just my thoughts.

  18. Perez Hilton is definitely not my favorite guy, but wow – prejean knows how to grab an opportunity when she sees it 🙂

  19. Didn’t John Ashcroft cover naked statues too?

    Yes – and if I remember correctly, it was the statue of Justice! – LOL

  20. I thought it was fairly telling for a blog oft associated with homosexuality.
    Perez Hilton is a dunce.

  21. Well, I, too must scratch my head over why people so easily overlook the whole superficial beauty queen thing. Christian beauty queen does seem a bit of an oxymoron to me. But she was ambushed by Perez Hilton, and the larger hypocrisy lies with the crowd who would have preferred she play it safe for a beauty title. She took the high road, which is proving to be far more beneficial to her than the Miss USA crown would have been. So, it backfired.
    As for the LU scholarship offer? Probably a bit tongue-in-cheek, but Jerry Jr. was just keeping with his dad’s tradition. He loved to do that sort of thing. He offered a scholarship to a waitress the evening before he died. Macel, his widow, followed through on it. He gave my daughter a small internship scholarship two weeks before his death. She was one of LU’s top debaters.

  22. Warren:
    Pacman?…A Freudian slip if ever I saw one.
    Didn’t John Ashcroft cover naked statues too? He did it in such a way that he better hid his unconscious at the same time.

  23. Mary,
    Don’t be surprised. She attends a church that was one of the prime supporters of Proposition 8. They teach all sorts of fun and fascinating things about homosexuality, most of which can be traced back to Paul Cameron.

  24. I heard today on the radio that Obama’s questions at the press conference last night were easier than the question asked of Prejean….
    Beauty is often confused with wisdom, intelligence and character…it is none of those things.

  25. Timothy – couldn’t agree with you more!!! Why on earth is a christian woman prancing half nude in front of thousands of people??? This is a “Beauty” contest not a “modest” contest which is supposed to be part of our description. Anyhow …. the whole thing is absurd to me. But I am surprised that she spoke her truth.

  26. I think that the questions were pre-determined. And Prejean did say that she had prepared for this and other questions.
    But Perez Hilton is ridiculous. His shtik is to be over-the-top obnoxious and he behaved according to form. It gets viewers to his site and pays his bills.
    I don’t begrudge him a living, but how on Earth did he ever get selected to be a judge?
    But you are right about conservative Christians flocking to Prejean. I can’t fathom why conservative Christians would be so anxious to align their movement with a young woman whose sole claim to fame is to prance her fake breasts down a runway hoping that her appeal to vanity and lust will result in adoration and personal gain.

  27. I just think the whole situation is ridiculous. This is a serious issue that is of vital importance to many individuals’ actual lives, and the media is turning it into a circus. Surely we can find more intelligent people to debate this issue than a model and a vulgar tabloid journalist?

  28. P.S.
    Perez Hilton showed he is just a pesky little twerp. I don’t care if he is gay or whatever but his description of Miss CA was out of line.

  29. I applaud her for her honesty and values. If I were her manager I’d advise or take a very close look at any organization with whom I associated.

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