Mark Driscoll Wants You to Tune In This Sunday

Mark Driscoll’s last two appearances in church were stealth sermons. At Thrive, he spoke in a main session but wasn’t on the program. Gold Creek Community Church leaders would not disclose Driscoll’s identity as guest speaker in advance. However, he appears to want an audience tomorrow. From Driscoll’s website:

Pastor Mark Live-Streaming from James River Church

This Sunday, June 7th 2015, Pastor Mark will be preaching live at James River Church near Springfield, MO. He will be preaching the 9:00 and 10:45 services Central Time. These services will be streamed live on the James River online church site. Check the site for your local time live service.

This appearance at James River is anything but secret. Does this mean he’s now ready for prime time again? I suspect this is staging for the Hillsong conference and it may also mean there is something he wants people to know.

Hat tip to Wenatchee the Hatchet for pointing out that some enterprising person is offering a breakfast and movie theatre viewing of the free broadcast from James River. I guess for some, church just isn’t church without Pastor Mark.

Top Ten Rejected Titles for Mark Driscoll’s Sunday Sermon at James River Church

TopTenIntell is getting out of Ozark, MO. In the Show Me State, Mark Driscoll is going to show up at James River Church with news of some kind on this Sunday, June 7. My sources are at work again and have learned the top ten rejected sermon titles for this weekend’s appearance.

Without fanfare, here they are:
10. A Nobody Wanting to Tell Anybody About Everybody I Need to Forgive
9. How to Fund Your Church Plant Through Global Missions
8. William Wallace Was Right
7 I Know Who the Anti-Christ is and He Lives in Pennsylvania
6. Be the Brand!
5. How to Turn Any Sin Into a Mistake
4. America Really Is a Pussified Nation!
3. How to Implode a Megachurch in One Year
2. Elders Schmelders and Other Insights on Biblical Leadership.
…and the number one rejected sermon title is:
1. The Gospel of Mark: Love Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

Alas, we don’t know what the actual title is yet, but the day is young.

With all appropriate apologies for this lame spoof.

Mark Driscoll to Speak at James River Assembly of God in Ozark, MO Next Sunday

JamesRivLogoJust confirmed it with the church; Mark Driscoll is set to speak at James River Church (Assembly of God) in Ozark, MO this coming Sunday, June 7. His topic was not disclosed.  The church is pastored by John and Debbie Lindell.
You can read more about James River in this description by Ed Stetzer. Their Wednesday night service offers opportunities to get baptized in the Spirit.
There are some additional wrinkles to this event which I am working to confirm. In particular, one report is that one of the pastors of the church told some of the congregation that Driscoll had been acquitted of the charges against him via a church investigation. If that is true, there is some misinformation being shared.
Driscoll has spoken before at James River, during the Real Marriage tour.
The Seattle Times focused on Driscoll’s comeback in the May 30 edition.

You will not want to miss this Sunday’s guest speaker, @markdriscoll

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