Social Media React to Mark Driscoll's Return to the Stage at Thrive 2015 Conference (VIDEO)

UPDATE: For video of the end of Driscoll’s talk, scroll to the bottom. Here is an account from someone who was in attendance. So far, from the accounts I have seen, it appears that Driscoll focused on how he has forgiven those who he believes wronged him.
Supporting my impression is this eyewitness account from Pastor James Miller.
In the late morning in California, former Mars Hill Church pastorĀ Mark Driscoll took the stage at the 2015 Thrive Leadership Conference. Although no video of the event has been reported on the web as yet, some in the audience tweeted snippets of his speech. Reaction on twitter ranged from outrage to highly supportive of the former Mars Hill pastor.
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Below are some representative tweets.

It would be good to hear the entire speech.