Transcript of Mark Driscoll's Speech at the Thrive Leadership Conference 2015

Many have asked if a transcript exists of Mark Driscoll’s remarks at the Thrive Leadership Conference on May 1. It does now and is available here. The audio is below.
The conference appearance triggered a petition directed at Bayside Church and pastor Ray Johnson. To my knowledge, there has been no response from Bayside to former Mars Hill members.

Audio of Mark Driscoll's Speech at Thrive 2015 Leadership Conference

The audio of Mark Driscoll’s speech at the Thrive 2015 Leadership Conference is now available on You Tube. Listen:
Wenatchee the Hatchet has commented on the irony of Driscoll’s reference to the “struck shepherd.”
Driscoll identifies the conflict as being an 8 year conflict that recently went public. He must be referring to the 2007 firing of Petry and Meyers.
See related posts on his speech there, audience reaction, and a former Mars Hill attender reaction to it.

Pastor James Miller on the Re-emergence of Mark Driscoll

Pastor James Miller was in attendance today when Mark Driscoll took the stage at the Thrive Leadership Conference. Miller gives a close account of what Driscoll said and then provides reactions. It seems to me that Miller makes some good sense.
First, Miller says Driscoll spent some of his time talking about how hard 2014 was. Then he talked about how he had come to forgive those who struck the shepherd. According to Miller, Driscoll said God spoke to him. Referring to Driscoll, Miller wrote:

He said God spoke to he and his wife “audibly” and released them from ministry.

Miller tells the rest of Driscolls remarks but says something was missing.

Now here’s the one lingering issue I have.  Driscoll just gave a long lecture on forgiveness without asking for it.  Aside from the allusion to “not being totally innocent,” he really didn’t point out his own failings.  In fact, it seemed like the entire lecture was aimed at his need to forgive those people who had wronged him.

It appears that perceptions of the situation in Seattle are still pretty far apart.
I encourage you to go read Miller’s summary and analysis.

Social Media React to Mark Driscoll's Return to the Stage at Thrive 2015 Conference (VIDEO)

UPDATE: For video of the end of Driscoll’s talk, scroll to the bottom. Here is an account from someone who was in attendance. So far, from the accounts I have seen, it appears that Driscoll focused on how he has forgiven those who he believes wronged him.
Supporting my impression is this eyewitness account from Pastor James Miller.
In the late morning in California, former Mars Hill Church pastor Mark Driscoll took the stage at the 2015 Thrive Leadership Conference. Although no video of the event has been reported on the web as yet, some in the audience tweeted snippets of his speech. Reaction on twitter ranged from outrage to highly supportive of the former Mars Hill pastor.
You can follow Instagram updates here.
Below are some representative tweets.

It would be good to hear the entire speech.

Mark Driscoll Speaks Today at California Leadership Conference

thrivelogoThrive Leadership Conference 2015 is hosted by Ray Johnson, pastor of Bayside Church in Granite Bay, CA.  Although not listed on the conference website, Mark Driscoll has been announced as a speaker tomorrow. He is slated to speak in a general session at 10am PT.
Bayside Church hosted Driscoll’s Real Marriage conference in 2014.
Driscoll will be interviewed by Brian Houston at the summer Hillsong Conferences in London and Sydney. These appearances have been targeted by a petition drive designed to put pressure on Hillsong to drop Driscoll from the program.