Republicans Divided from the Start, Security Kicks Out Press

When I said the vanguard of American fascism, I wasn’t far off. The RNC in partnership with Donald Trump is according to Sen. Mike Lee in “uncharted territory.”
Uncharted territory
Utah Senator Mike Lee commented that the disregard of rules is uncharted territory for the RNC. The press was kicked off the convention floor at one point as well.

GOP Delegates Vote Down the Conscience Clause

Kendal Unruh’s conscience clause was voted down in the rules committee just now. The committee voted to bind the delegates and to refuse to allow delegates to vote their conscience. Now the committee is voting to bind the delegates to Rule 16. It looks like the stop Trump movement is about to go down in the rules committee. I don’t know what else is on the agenda of the anti-Trump movement but it doesn’t look good.
Rule GOP
To watch the debate, go here.
Unruh promises a floor fight.
The GOP died a little tonight.
The Delegates Unbound group released the following statement just a bit ago. No specific next step is identified. I have heard talk of a walk out and/or protest.

RNC Joins Forces With Trump To Rig The Nomination
Donald Trump is right: The Process Is Rigged 
(Cleveland, OH) July 14, 2016 – Delegates Unbound issued the following statement regarding today’s decision in the GOP convention Rules Committee to bind the delegates.
“This just proves that Donald Trump did not have the support of enough delegates to be the nominee,” said Delegates Unbound co-founder Dane Waters. “This act by the Rules Committee just highlights the hypocrisy of the RNC. “If the delegates were bound as the RNC claimed why vote to bind them?”
Delegates Unbound was formed to preserve the legacy of freedom in the Republican Party.
“The fight is far from over in Cleveland.” Delegates will not be denied ,” Waters added. 

If Trump Becomes the GOP Nominee, the RNC is Responsible

There is a way that the GOP can be saved. The Wall Street Journal maps it out here.
Since a Virginia court case earlier this week made it clear that a state may not enforce laws overriding the rules of a political party, it is now up to the GOP rules committee to adopt a rule allowing delegates to vote for the candidate they now believe will be the best person to take on Hillary Clinton. If the delegates vote for Trump, so be it. If not, the GOP might have a chance in November.
Right now, it is the Republican establishment and evangelical leaders who are propping up Trump’s nomination. If RNC leaders thwart the Free the Delegate movement by blocking rules changes (as they are reportedly doing right now), then they are responsible for presenting Donald Trump to the nation as the GOP standard bearer. A simple rules change will allow delegates to exercise their responsibility to choose the best candidate. Without it, Trump will become the nominee.
Evangelical leaders (e.g., Eric Metaxas, David Jeremiah, etc) who have come out for Trump have already tarnished their reputation. There is about a day left for them to recant and encourage the delegates to vote for rules changes which will allow the possibility of multiple ballots at the convention. It is simply impossible to take seriously any evangelical leaders who has come out for Trump. This election cycle has really revealed some things to the rank and file for the first time.
Check out these websites and do what you can.
Free the Delegates
Delegates Unbound
If the effort to stop Trump are unsuccessful, then consider this third party effort.

Virginia Court Decision Frees Delegates, Paves Way for GOP Convention Fight

Today, a Virginia law binding delegates to the results of the state’s primary was overturned by a federal court today paving the way for a delegate challenge to Donald Trump’s nomination. The case was brought by Beau Correll who sought to prevent enforcement of a Virginia law binding delegates to the primary results. He does not want to vote for Trump and now he doesn’t have to. Judge Robert Payne concluded:

For the foregoing reasons, judgment will be entered in Correll’s favor on Counts I and II and the Commonwealth will be permanently enjoined from enforcing Va. Code § 24.2-545(0).

According to the Free the Delegates movement, the rules committee is set to allow a vote on a rules change favorable to the anti-Trump forces. The stars would have to align just so, but the potential for a Convention surprise is much greater now.
UPDATE: For some reason, Trump is spinning the results as if he won. See his Facebook page. He is actually citing the statement of facts as the judgment.

Message to the GOP Rules Committee: Free the Delegates

The Free the Delegate movement is moving. I was in on a conference call over the weekend put on by the Free the Delegate folks and it appears they are serious about proposing a rule change to free delegates to vote for the perceived best candidate, even if that isn’t Donald Trump. One sign of serious intent is the development of a command center in Cleveland. Another is the following ad:
I think this is just the beginning.