Virginia Court Decision Frees Delegates, Paves Way for GOP Convention Fight

Today, a Virginia law binding delegates to the results of the state’s primary was overturned by a federal court today paving the way for a delegate challenge to Donald Trump’s nomination. The case was brought by Beau Correll who sought to prevent enforcement of a Virginia law binding delegates to the primary results. He does not want to vote for Trump and now he doesn’t have to. Judge Robert Payne concluded:

For the foregoing reasons, judgment will be entered in Correll’s favor on Counts I and II and the Commonwealth will be permanently enjoined from enforcing Va. Code § 24.2-545(0).

According to the Free the Delegates movement, the rules committee is set to allow a vote on a rules change favorable to the anti-Trump forces. The stars would have to align just so, but the potential for a Convention surprise is much greater now.
UPDATE: For some reason, Trump is spinning the results as if he won. See his Facebook page. He is actually citing the statement of facts as the judgment.