David Barton: Christian Professors Oppose Him Because They Were Taught by Pagan Professors

David Barton┬áhas said things like that before but at Charis Bible College last week he claimed he has the truth because he has “all the original documents.” Watch (original video lost in server move):

In this video, David Barton renews his war on Christian college professors.┬áHe claims we were all trained by “pagan” professors and just say what they taught. However, he is right because he has all the original documents. It is hard to imagine a more arrogant position. He surely knows that any documents of consequence in addressing historical questions are archived and available to historians and scholars. We all have access to the same information. He may have some original letters and other documents but the works of the founders are easily available for review. I challenge Barton to produce an original document of consequence to any of his historical claims which cannot be found elsewhere.

In my case, my history training came at Cedarville College, hardly a bastion of pagan professors.

Historians reading this post: Who is the Christian historian who debates him on Facebook that says America is inherently bad? Does that describe anyone? I think he must be exaggerating.

Another question: Who has parsed his Charis Bible presentations and said how wicked Barton is? Wrong yes, many times. But wicked?

Many Christian historian believe God had a role in history. However, they believe He also wants us to bear true witness, to get the facts right. His role in history isn’t an issue. What is important is telling the story as it was, not making up or embellishing narratives.

Charis Bible students, if by chance you are reading here, check this, this, this, this, this and this out.