Donnie Davies 15 minutes of lame

Ok, maybe The Bible Says is going to turn out to be a parody, but it still seems pretty bizarre. I wrote Donnie Davies earlier in the day and asked: “I cannot tell if you mean your song as a parody or not. Could you please explain?” He wrote back and said No, no Sir. … Continue reading “Donnie Davies 15 minutes of lame”

Donnies Davies Update

This morning, SOVO covers the ongoing antics of Donnie Davies. In related news, Donnie Davies has a sweet, new retro look about his websites today. I have exchanged several YouTube grams with Donnie and he continues to insist he is not the “twin” of Mr. Oglesby. In our 1/29/07, unverified WTF report on this blog, … Continue reading “Donnies Davies Update”

Year in review: Top Ten Stories from 2007

Since it was so much fun last year, I decided to compile a top ten list of stories of the year on the blog. Since I am the only voter, the list is subjective and regular readers might arrange them differently or think I should have included another story over one of these. The stories are … Continue reading “Year in review: Top Ten Stories from 2007”

Richard Cohen on the The Daily Show

It’s like deju vu all over again. Wanna be a CSRC? I kept wondering when Donnie Davies was going to appear. UPDATE: 3/22/07 Randy Thomas of Exodus weighs in on the Daily Show appearance. The comments on his posts are interesting as well. Also, You Tube has taken the video down as a result of … Continue reading “Richard Cohen on the The Daily Show”

John Amaechi, former NBA player, comes out

John Amaechi, British import to the NBA, recently publicly declared he is gay. His story is fascinating and his plans for British basketball are ambitious. Watch this video for more information on this interesting fellow. There is a Wikipedia entry about him as well (…raised by his mother, you know what that means…). His first … Continue reading “John Amaechi, former NBA player, comes out”