New video from Donnie Davies: The saga continues

Master of buzz Donnie Davies feeds the flame with another video this evening. He is building toward something but it gets more interesting with this video. On one hand, he says he was “born this way” when talking about his weight (which he has changed, he says) but then talks about being a “reformed homosexual” in the next breath. He gives a shout out to Andrew Sullivan, a “great Christian man” who Davies thanks for “getting behind me.” He says, “if it wasn’t for the homosexual community, I wouldn’t be where I am today.” Lots of stuff that can be taken more than one way. Crazy like a fox or…

Amazing Day At Love Gods Way

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UPDATE 1/25/07: This is more addicting than Idol. Donnie speaks. The theories about Mr. Davies and crew have not reached (E)X-Files proportion as yet, but theories abound. However, I doubt he is Todd. Perhaps Jason has something to do with this?

Google video has now removed The Bible Says video…

Now people are sending me stuff on this. Here is a bit more on the possible Jason Bolicki connection:

Then there’s the matter of Jason Bolicki, a gay director whose name surfaced on YouTube among commenters speculating on the video’s origin. Reached for comment at his home in Chicago, Bolicki denied any association with the video but said he laughed out loud when saw it “a couple weeks ago.” How’d you see it a couple weeks ago when there’s no record of the video existing before January 23? “Hm. Well, maybe I have the timing wrong.”

Weeks, days, what’s the diff? Sounds like Mr. Bolicki is either time challenged or has top secret info.