My Space: A place for friends but not Donnie Davies’ videos

Well, add MySpace to the list of sites rejecting poor Donnie Davies. All his videos are down on that site now, which explains the blank screen on the 1/24/06 post. You can see (for now) Mr. Davies newest effort on You Tube.

And then my attempt at sermonizing…

UPDATE: 1/26/07 – Several bloggers have a new theory that I think may be correct. A full report is here. In reviewing the various bands and websites association with the band Bobby Conn and the Glass Gypsies, a common element is satire, with right wing fundamentalism being the prime target. The band member strongly resembling Donnie Davies is Colby Starck, a drummer and singer with Bobby Conn and the Head of Femur band.

I used to love to try to find Waldo in the Where’s Waldo? books.

Hating may still be involved, just not in the direction first considered.

6 thoughts on “My Space: A place for friends but not Donnie Davies’ videos”

  1. Colby Starck is not Donnie Davies, as he has already made clear, but just to reemphasize. He’s as suprised by all of this as anyone.

    For a more recent look at Colby Starck, here’s he and the rest of Bobby’s band in the recent video for “King for a Day,” title track of Bobby’s upcoming album – proof that Colby no longer looks anything like Donnie Davies (look for Colby at around 00:18) and also proof that Bobby Conn should have probably been farther up on Donnie’s list of “Gay Bands” to watch out for.

    KING FOR A DAY party version

    Colby has already said it very clearly, but as Bobby Conn’s (and by association Colby’s) publicist, I’ll say it again, Colby Starck is not Donnie Davies. Colby says, “While I’m honored to be a part of a viral internet sensation, I’m kind of bummed that they think I’m some kind of hateful-christian-rocker.” And neither he or we would “saritize” homophobia for some kind of publicity stunt. We will, however, post the s*** out of some Bobby Conn videos on a message board when you give us a chance.

  2. I am leaning toward the theory of Donnie Davies being Colby Starck, vocalist and drummer with Bobby Conn and Head of Femur. Start exploring around the site and Colby Starck looks a lot like Donnie D. Somewhere in Chicago, I believe, lies the elusive Mr. Davies…

    There’s more but I am done for the evening.

  3. I think it is absurd they are removing these videos when they allow videos from to remain online. Are American’s incapable of understanding humor that doesn’t have a punchline? Maybe so? In which case I am dissapointed.

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