Spread the Light – Sparrow Cartoons

Recently, I discovered Mark Frontczak and Sparrow Cartoons. A long time cartoonist, Mark draws mostly biblical themes with some limited social commentary. I especially like this one:

Mike Frontczak - used by permission
Mike Frontczak – used by permission

Lighting up the place is what I hope to do here. Go over to Sparrow Cartoons to check out Mark’s work.

Views from the Top of PNC Park

Getting Jefferson Right co-author Michael Coulter and I went down to watch the Pittsburgh Pirates play the San Diego Padres a couple of nights ago. We should have known there would be a (100 minute or so) rain delay from this sky:
We were on the very top row which turned out to be an amazing view of Pittsburgh. Here’s one more:
PNC Park is a beautiful place to watch a game. In case you were wondering the Pirates won and swept the Padres at home for the first time in over a decade.

Help a sister out, part two: The deadline approacheth

Update: Thanks for helping the sis. Team Grove City pulled out the victory in the last couple of hours.

That would be midnight. Here is the entry for my girl child’s high school video production class. Play it and rate it awesome and they might get the spot on television during the Super [Commercial] Bowl.


Caption contest: Picture of the Capitol Building

Some fun for the weekend. This picture was taken by Marcia Brennan of nearby Pittsburgh while she was in Washington, D.C. for a rally opposing the House health care bill. She sent this around and gave me permission to post.

Now let’s think up a caption for this beauty. I say it is a contest, but there really isn’t a prize. Or maybe I’ll send out a Throckmorton band CD for the winner.