Gospel for Asia Invades Africa

On April 13, Gospel for Asia — now called GFA World — published a news release with this title:

Gospel for Asia — Now GFA World — Launches its First-Ever Mission in Africa

Yohannan and company have launched a business in Rwanda and plan more in other African nations:

Our work in Africa begins with GFA World Child Sponsorship in the slums of Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, one of the most densely populated African nations. This will be the first of many projects, each with the same vision we started with, to meet tangible needs of precious people and show God’s love to those who need it most.

With over 40 years of experience, GFA is equipped to meet the expanding needs of Africa. We’ll soon start training national missionaries, clean water projects, medical ministry, education for the underprivileged, women’s empowerment, and community development projects. Our aim is to help empower the poor to break the cycle of poverty and show God’s love.

And Rwanda is just the beginning of an exciting new missions frontier. We plan to expand ministry to six other nations in Africa during the next few years.

And why not? In 2015, GFA lost their membership in the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. Yohannan’s organization settled a U.S. class action fraud lawsuit for $37-million in 2019. In 2020, GFA became the defendant in a fraud lawsuit brought in Canada. Also in 2020, this time in India, GFA affiliated organizations (including Yohannan’s homes)  were raided as a part of a government investigation into how the organization used their foreign contributions. This investigation is ongoing and Yohannan is being sought for questioning by the Indian government. No wonder Yohannan and GFA World want to get out of North America and Asia and on to a new continent.

In 2017, the Indian government removed GFA’s charity status and ability to receive foreign contributions. However, GFA never told donors about the government action and continued to send funds to shadow organizations in India. With the recent government raids and investigation, GFA’s status in India may be in doubt.

With problems in North America and Asia, it appears that Africa is Yohannan’s next act.

13 thoughts on “Gospel for Asia Invades Africa”

  1. Sounds to me like KP wants to have a new place to send contributions to where the government will not be looking too closely at what he is doing. There are probably places that are easier to do this then Rwanda but because of the history there it is likely he hopes to pull on the heart strings of foolish donors who give without checking anything out first.

    1. One other possibility: a small operation where everything is done properly and above-board would give them something they can show donors at a relatively low cost, while the bulk of the funds still disappear somewhere in India.

      1. Have not seen a comment by you in a long time. Makes me think of the old days. I doubt your suggestion though. KP could have done that anywhere for decades. It is not the way he thinks. His modus operandi is being a stubborn idiot who thinks he can lie or bribe his way out of absolutely anything. The combination of ego and stupidity based on an assumption that you are above any law any where has been the downfall of many a man over the centuries.

        1. India and Rwanda have loads of business deals between them. Africans flock to India for IT classes and degrees. I believe they use India for medical services as well. Same for the Middle East. Doubt this liason has anything to do with charity…more like business. Sigh.

  2. Hasn’t Rwanda had enough trouble without Gospel for Asia invading them in order to fleece the faithful? I hope that Richard Wilmer is right, and they’re detected quickly and run out of the country. I, too, will be interested to see how they fare.

  3. Rwanda with it’s history of lawlessness sounds like a perfect place for GFA to hide its ill booten-gotty.

    1. President Kagame runs a pretty tight ship, I think, and is very smart and ruthless (and popular in Rwanda). I wonder if Yohannan & Co are in for a bit of a shock, especially if they engage in any financial shenanigans there … (Might do them some good, of course!)

      If I were Mr Y and his hangers-on, I’d be very careful indeed! I shall watch with interest …

      1. Oh I’m of the impression Kagame is hoping for the “shenanigans.” I’m pretty sure he is aware of how much India (and Canada) seized from the GFA accounts. I’m betting Kagame is looking for his piece of the pie.

        1. You might be right; after all, if some goofy-chops (or low-grade conman) came into my country, I would certainly look for ways for getting my hands on their pinkepinke somehow – if only to teach them a lesson!

          That said, we should remember that the Kagame regime has overseen much achievement in terms of economic development, including investment in infrastructure that benefits ordinary folk in Rwanda. I don’t think he would particularly want people piling in to ‘help’ Rwanda, especially if that were a front for making money for themselves. No, I think he would take a very dim view (and good for him if he does!), and GFA really does need to tread rather more carefully than they appear to have done in the past …

          1. I think the Chinese are also working in Rwanda. KP can really mix it up now. Should be interesting.

    2. Rwanda has come a very long way since the horrors of the 90s. By 10 years ago it was the Singapore of Africa. Plastic bags banned. Traffic rules enforced.

      Whereas GFA’s original narrative was that it was sending Indian missionaries to the unreached parts of India, Rwanda has a relatively strong Church supported by many long-serving foreign mission orgs. Rwanda does not need GFA.

      1. Tell that to GFA.
        None of that “strong Church supported by many long-serving foreign mission orgs” are GFA, so it’s all Heathen and Apostate.

      2. Tell that to GFA.
        None of that “strong Church supported by many long-serving foreign mission orgs” are GFA, so it’s all Heathen and Apostate.

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