Class Action Suit Filed in Canada Against Gospel for Asia

This morning Nova Scotia pastor Bruce Morrison wrote to say that an elder in his church has filed a class action fraud lawsuit against Gospel for Asia. The CBC has a news item about it in print and on radio.

The plaintiff is Greg Zentner and he alleges that $100-million in donations didn’t end up where the donors wanted it to go. Marc Stanley is one of lawyers involved. He was the lead council in the case that was settled for $37-million in the U.S.

GFA is on the defensive against an earlier CBC broadcast documentary which featured an interview with GFA spokesman Johnnie Moore. Moore dodged questions posed by the CBC and failed to account for discrepancies in documents filed in Canada and India.

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  1. A million thanks to you, Dr. This would not have happened if you and others didn’t take a stand. Great teamwork. Thanks everyone.

  2. Steve Buist – Hamilton Spectator: Hamilton charity facing $170M class-action suit

    “Many charities across Canada are struggling to find donations for worthy causes,” said John McKiggan, a Halifax lawyer who is representing the class-action participants. “Canadians make choices on where to direct their donations based on trust.”

    “It is disturbing to hear that generous Canadians may have been duped into donating to GFA and millions of dollars used for purposes not intended by the donors,” McKiggan stated.

    GFA Canada did not respond to a request for comment.

  3. Probably lead to a similar result as the U.S. lawsuit. They’ll try to obstruct, the judge will have seen that tactic before and won’t buy it, and eventually it will get settled out of court with a big payout and an agreement that money was sent “to the field” without saying what happened when it got there. The lawyers will make a lot of money, some donors will get some money returned, and then it will be business as usual.

  4. I was on a team with him once in the early days of OM India. I cant imagine what the reaction would have been if He’d dressed like that to go out in evangelism with the OM teams When he was just a ‘team guy’. most of us (westerners included) only had a couple of shirts & Pants & one of each of those was for sunday!

  5. I wonder which branch of the NS Supreme Court this has been filed at. (Halifax, Pictou/New Glasgow)
    Don’t see it on the dockets as yet.

    Our online court document system is not quite up to speed, but I think when info is posted it will be here:

    It looks like the filing is listed in the Canadian Bar Association National Class Action Database, but it isn’t accessible, this has not been certified as a CA yet, don’t know how long that takes. But it looks like the criteria has been met.

    Nice to see Marc Stanley lend a hand. This will be a marathon.
    Wonder who GFA World (Gospel for Asia Canada) will hire for defense?

    For our USA friends:
    The term Supreme Court doesn’t mean what it does south of the border. This is a provincial court and in various provinces is called Superior Court, Court of Queen’s Bench or Supreme Court. The Nova Scotia Supreme Court handles criminal, civil, family, jury trials, Tribunal judicial reviews, and lower court appeals. There is an appeal process for N.S. Supreme Court decisions.

    Dr. Throckmorton – how is GFA on the defensive after the CBC report?

    1. Getting Johnnie Moore to come to Wills Point to answer the CBC is on the defensive. They are having to answer questions — even if evasively — which they rarely do. They never choose to. If the press ever really covered this story, GFA would probably crumble. .

  6. it is indeed sad that an organization that purports to be christian can be so deceiving.

    I foresee similar results as those in the US.

    A court case that will go on for a couple of years, then eventually settled for umpteen millions, after which it’s business as usual for GFA, fleecing people out of their dollars.

  7. While not wishing I’ll, GFA is now rightly facing the c0nseqiences for it’s financial shenanigans!

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