L.A. County Concludes Workplace Investigation of Grace Community Church; COVID-19 Requirements Still Binding on Church

Recently, Grace Community Church posted this on their website

Outbreak Restrictions Lifted

We are glad to announce that we received a notice from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health on Thursday, November 12, saying that we have been cleared of COVID-19 outbreak. After a thorough investigation, Public Health officials have decided to rescind all outbreak related requirements and restrictions on Grace Community Church.

The L.A. County Department of Public Health doesn’t quite see it that way. I asked them for a reaction to this statement and they sent the following response to me exclusively tonight.

Please see the department of Public Heath’s response:

Public Health’s investigation into the Grace Community Church worksite COVID-19 outbreak was recently concluded.  The Church is still required to follow all current Health Officer Order requirements for places of worship, which include outdoor services, as well as all applicable infection control protocols for all activities that occur on the Grace Community Church campus.  Public Health has found that Sun Valley has among the higher rates of COVID-19 transmission in the County of Los Angeles.  Compliance with the required infection control protocols by Grace Community Church will lessen the risk of COVID-19 transmission to its employees and visitors.

Grace Community Church starting at the top has been marked by non-compliance with mask wearing and social distancing. Pastor John MacArthur has communicated bogus COVID-19 prevalence statistics and denied there is a pandemic.

All restrictions on Grace church have not been rescinded. The leaders and people of Grace are simply ignoring them. There are or were 5 employees who contracted COVID-19 recently and there is an outbreak at The Master’s University as well. The Health Order has not been rescinded; Grace Church is simply refusing to follow it.



9 thoughts on “L.A. County Concludes Workplace Investigation of Grace Community Church; COVID-19 Requirements Still Binding on Church”

  1. So basically the church cheated, then lied. And in doing so it put its own people and many others at risk. This is deeply disappointing but unfortunately does not surprise me one bit. I have dealt with some of his followers on completely different though still important matters and have seen them do basically the same type of thing. The selfishness and dishonesty seem to run through the whole ecosystem he has created.

    1. What was that illustration beloved of preachers when I was in-country?

      “When the Devil lies, he’s speaking his native language.”

    2. I have noticed this too, online. When someone who is actively worshiping the man and ignoring what is going on with his law breaking, how he is running his own school right into the ground and how he is making himself rich while engaging in outlandish nepotism, they just respond politically. I have seen this on the left and right when the man you voted for has broken laws or done things very unethical and their worshipers just ignore all that and just start calling you names. Your a racist! Your a communist! Your just evil and biased and no one should ever listen to you for any reason. This is childish, rude and breaks the ethical teaching in the Bible about not making false accusations, and yet this is what this John’s disciples do. “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when you have succeeded, you make them twice as much a child of hell as you are.” – Jesus from Matthew

  2. The religious world minus Jesus is more involved in the works of the flesh the Devil and this world.

    1. According to MacArthur (if you can believe his owns words), GCC is paying the fines, which are being held in an escrow account, and will be paid to the county after the lawsuits have been adjudicated accordingly.

  3. Does he honestly think this is all some sort of hoax? None of this is fun but lives are literally at stake. It’s not as if only churches are being required to do this.

  4. “The Health Order has not been rescinded; Grace Church is simply refusing to follow it.”
    With impunity, apparently.

    Most disappointing…

  5. And the narc is back ignoring common sense, the law and what the scriptures actually teach that is inconvenient. Grandiose narcissists simply must be the center of attention all of the time, even if that endangers others. They do not care about anything other than feeding their own egos and pocket books. No wonder Jesus called these religious hypocrites white-washed septic tanks. This man has told the Holy Spirit where he can shove his gifts. This man is an anti-Christ in a pulpit and he is playing with fire. At his age and health he might not survive a encounter with COVID19.

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