Greg Thornbury Talks About the Attacks on Wokeness

On Monday, I will post a new conversation with former The King’s College president Greg Thornbury. He is currently¬†Senior Vice President at the New York Academy of¬†Art in Tribeca NY, a school founded by Andy Warhol. You can watch the first interview here.

In this interview, I ask Greg about Eric Metaxas’ Punch and Run, evangelical COVID truther events, Al Mohler’s shift toward Trumpism, wokeness, and much more. In this brief segment, Greg tells me what he thinks Owen Strachan is really trying to accomplish with his recent attacks on wokeness (see tweet below).

So should racial justice advocates fear excommunication? Thornbury suggests they are safe and that another agenda may be at work.

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4 thoughts on “Greg Thornbury Talks About the Attacks on Wokeness”

  1. Yeah, there’s definitely a disturbing reaction from the right around “wokeness”… I understand being discerning and maybe critiquing some possible extreme elements on the racial justice spectrum… but that’s not entirely what the right is doing; rather they childishly invent a new school yard like, simplistic, broad-brush name-calling pejorative “wokeness”, and then they throw everybody who dares to study the history or self-examine internal prejudices/bias or give a fair hearing to minority voices/stories or examine policing or outcomes that suggest systemic prejudice… they take everyone who dares look into or act on any of those things, and throws them all into the right’s newest “out”/enemy/other group… ie “wokeness” And then proceed to beat almost everyone over the head with that… How exhausting to always be looking for and inventing new “out” groups to hate and vilify… and in this case, it also looks like a backhanded way of maintaining white supremacy… (“Oh we’re not racists…we’re not white supremacists… We just don’t like anybody who wants to talk about or do anything about those matters.”)

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