L.A. County Fines Grace Community Church for Signage Infraction

Claiming the church’s signs were misplaced, L.A. County fined Grace Community Church $1000.

Grace Community posted signs warning people not to enter if they have symptoms of disease and claiming the church has no responsibility if sickness occurs. Here is what church attorney Jenna Ellis showed on Twitter.

The sign says:

By entering the Grace Community Church campus, you assume the risk of contracting COVID-19, and you agree that the church cannot be held responsible if that happens. Please do not enter if you have an elevated temperature, a cough, or any flu-like symptoms.

Strange, I thought John MacArthur preached that worry over COVID-19 was a part of a plot to deceive the church.

In any case, the signs are up around the church but they must not be where the Health Order prescribes them to be. It appears that L.A. County is working up to a more strict enforcement of the Health Order, perhaps hoping that MacArthur will see the light. Given his recent stance that there is no pandemic, I doubt he is going to change his position.

17 thoughts on “L.A. County Fines Grace Community Church for Signage Infraction”

  1. From the church attorney’s tweet: “Apparently signs asking people not to enter if they have an elevated temperature or symptoms of Covid (located at every entrance & exit) aren’t good enough for LA County.”

    That, ISTM, is a (deliberate?) misconstrual of the situation. I’d guess what the county is taking issue with (and thus the basis for this fine) is the fact that GCC is openly flouting the law by holding in-person services that don’t comply with mask-wearing and distancing rules, thus increasing the risk to anyone who attends a service, yet at the same time using signage that tells people they (GCC) have no responsibility if someone attending a service catches COVID-19.

  2. You’d think the church’s liability insurance carrier would have a say in what sorts of signs should be posted, and where…

    1. Sure, public health officials doing their job to help stem a pandemic that’s already taken nearly 200,000 lives in six months in this county is communism…

      It’s amazing how often accusations of communism are the first resort of scofflaws and conspiracy theorists. It’s as though community spirit and civic duty are entirely foreign to them.

      1. LA county is overwhelmingly ruled by the Democratic Party and these politicians around the country tend to disfavor evangelical Christianity but favor leftwing ideologies because they think it will help them get elected. Here is a perfect example showing their hypocrisy in terms of the spread of COVID:


        Thus, I see the issues with pastor MacArthur that LA is having is is all about politics.

        1. There are nearly 200,000 people dead. You can put a sock in it, I am just flat-out tired of this nonsense.

          1. And I am tired how the Left is blaming evangelical Christians for these deaths for supposedly gathering in churches, while they themselves engage in behaviors that could also help the spread. Rep. Jordan has poignantly pointed it out, but apparently people who by default have anti-religious freedom animus will likely ignore anything he says.

          2. GCC (and other christians) aren’t being blamed for the deaths, they are being blamed for thinking that because they are christian that means they can ignore the rules that everyone else has to follow.

        2. where is the evidence of hypocrisy in that video clip? All I saw was Jordon trying to get Fauci to say something outside his area of expertise and Fauci wasn’t going to fall for it.

          1. Fauci stated that large crowds of any kind, whether indoors or outside increase the likelihood of the virus’s transmission. Then, Jordan pointed out that Democrats are forbidding people going to church and fining business owners for supposedly causing the spread but are totally okay with BLM protesters, who could also spread the virus. Hence, the evidence of hypocrisy.

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