Marc Stanley in The Times of Israel: Dear Great Leader

In this The Times of Israel op-ed, attorney Marc Stanley has taken note of Donald Trump’s assessment of Jews who support the Democratic party and at first seems to strike a penitent note.

With the High Holy Days around the corner, I just can’t wait for Yom Kippur to begin atoning. As you recently proclaimed, Jews who vote Democratic are “disloyal.” Well, I hope you will find a way to forgive me, for I have been disloyal—very disloyal.

Then Stanley lists the many ways he has “misunderstood” the president. If only he understood Dear Great Leader Trump’s special ways of showing respect to Jews, then maybe he wouldn’t be so “disloyal.”

In the op-ed, Stanley reminds readers that most American Jews are just as “disloyal” as he is which should give the president some reason to worry about his current strategy.

5 thoughts on “Marc Stanley in The Times of Israel: Dear Great Leader”

  1. When I read the title I thought the name sounded very familiar. Marc R. Stanley is the man who owns the law firm that brought the lawsuit against Gospel for Asia and represented the interests of the Murphys. They were involved throughout and no doubt received a significant chunk of the huge settlement against GFA. Funny that he now shows up under this kind of light…

  2. The fact that Trump should talk of Jews (rather than anyone in general) who vote for the Democratic Party as “disloyal” is a chilling reminder of one the enduring features of his far-right controllers: vicious antisemitism.

  3. I have the most horrible feeling that the criticism of the president present in that confession of “disloyalty” will sail right over the Dear Great Leader’s head, and he’ll take it at face value, as he often does such things.

    1. Type example: the Tiki Torches of Charlotte. “They Praise Me! They Adore Me!”

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