Who Agrees with Tucker Carlson About White Nationalism?

To me, it seems obvious that white nationalism is a problem in America. However, Tucker Carlson famously said it isn’t. Even after Charlottesville, the church shooting in South Carolina, the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting and the El Paso massacre, Carlson said it ranks low on America’s problems.

I wondered who agrees with him and found, as many people quickly pointed out, that former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke cheered Carlson on.

This is not good company.

Who else?

C-Fam’s Austin Ruse

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway

The Federalist

Talk Show Host Vicki McKenna

Kellyanne Conway defended Carlson. “But what about Antifa?”

The Stream’s John Zmirak and Eric Metaxas

John Zmirak is a Senior Editor at The Stream, a Christian online publication conceptualized by James Robison. I responded to this tweet:

And then Zmirak replied:

After that tweet, Zmirak blocked me. Eric Metaxas retweeted Zmirak’s original tweet.

League of the South is Ready for Battle

This weekend the League of the South is having their annual convention in Florida. According to the League, they are ready for war. The League was one of the groups who did battle at Charlottesville. The League’s leader Michael Hill, wrote this in 2014:

But what about that liberal canard that says that no matter how well armed the citizens are, they will never be able to defeat the modern military in a toe-to-toe confrontation? First, that presumes that the US military would fire on its own people, a question whose answer we do not know. And, second, it presumes that the fight would be a conventional one. More likely, it will be Fourth Generation Warfare, which is just another way of saying guerrilla war.

In 4Gen Warfare the lines between the military and the political, economic, cultural, and social are blurred past the point of recognition. To oversimplify, the primary targets will not be enemy soldiers; instead, they will be political leaders, members of the hostile media, cultural icons, bureaucrats, and other of the managerial elite without whom the engines of tyranny don’t run.

4Gen Warfare doesn’t require that the populace be armed equal to the military and law enforcement. In fact, having such firepower, with few exceptions (such as full-auto “assault weapons,” silencers, and a handful of other esoteric toys), would be a logistical and tactical burden to the common 3- to 5-man group so common in this type of warfare.

Make no mistake about it, the League and groups like it engage in rhetoric unlike any Scientologist or evolutionist. They are dangerous with enough numbers to create terror and motivate criminal activity.

According to FBI Director Christopher Wray, white supremacist groups account for a significant number of criminal investigations. Watch:

While white supremacist* motivated crime isn’t the greatest threat, it isn’t trivial and one should question the motives of anyone who minimizes it.

Additional information: See this report on domestic terrorism 2018. Yes, the numbers are small but the potential damage is great and the threat appears to be growing.


*white supremacy and white nationalism have been distinguished by some as the difference between attitude and political objective. Supremacy is an attitude that whites are better than other races; nationalism is a political objective of make America a majority white country or favoring segregation. It is hard for me to make much of a distinction in attitude. To me, it seems to be a rationalization of racial prejudice to claim white nationalist political goals while claiming to have no bias toward people of color. For the purpose of this post, I am considering the terms synonyms.

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  1. During the service, he [85 year old pastor Lucas] mentioned the recent mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, that left 22 people dead. But afterward, he said he doesn’t believe news reports that the white shooter was targeting Latinos. Lucas also said he does not believe analyses suggesting that undocumented immigrants are less likely to commit violent crimes than others living in the United States.

    Lucas doesn’t see his words, or the president’s, as racist.

    “I think this idea of racism has been blown out of proportion,” Lucas said. “I really do. We’ve got some sorry people, black and white … but I don’t pay any attention to that. If a man comes to me and behaves himself, we get along good together, I’ll go to bat for him, any way I can.”

    One of Lucas’ church members, Dianne Cook, 69, said she agrees with the message on her church sign, and with her pastor. She said Trump was right to criticize the four Democratic congresswomen, who include the first two Muslim women elected to Congress.

    “Where’d their parents come from? Are they Americans?” Cook asked. “Just because she was born in America does not make her American.”

    “Doesn’t it?” I asked. “Doesn’t it legally, though, under the Constitution?”

    “Under the Constitution, yes,” Cook acknowledged, then paused. “But I don’t know how to express that, to make you understand that I wish she, I wish they, well — I don’t want any Muslims in America.”


    1. Linda nodded. It wasn’t just Muslims that posed a threat, she said, but all kinds of immigrants coming into the country.

      “Unpapered people,” Sheila said, adding that she had seen them in the county emergency room and they got treated before her. “And then the Americans are not served.”

      Love thy neighbor, she said, meant “love thy American neighbor.”

      Welcome the stranger, she said, meant the “legal immigrant stranger.”

      “The Bible says, ‘If you do this to the least of these, you do it to me,’ ” Sheila said, quoting Jesus. “But the least of these are Americans, not the ones crossing the border.”

      Washington Post, Judgment days

      1. Ah yes, the contortion of Jesus into her own self-serving, self-centered image. Blatant idolatry is indeed the primary identity politic among these U.S. White-Nationalist Evangelicals. This demographic is helpful in that they show the world what the denial of Jesus looks like.

        1. Judging all christianity based on the misguided notions of a minority of them (no matter how vocal they are) is no better than judging all immigrants based on the criminal behaviour of a minority of them.

          1. You have to admit it’s an excellent strategy that Christians have used in the past. It works. It doesn’t help that your minority of bad Christians is rather a large and very loud group. I don’t even have to say anything. Christians show what their culture is all about. For every Throckmorton, there are a dozen Bartons and Grahams out there. And those are the nicer conservative Christians. Some of the more extremist conservative Christians are down right nasty.

            Again, this isn’t about truth. It’s about winning. Christians have never had a problem lying about other groups. A thousand years of calling the Jewish people as “Jesus killers” resulted in the Holocaust. A few hundred years enabled a culture of white supremacy where white Europeans invaded and stole and murdered inhabitants from all around the world outside of Europe. And let’s not get hung up over the “Atheists will turn into Stalin and Pol Pot and Hitler and kill people” nonsense.

            Humanity hasn’t evolved to the point that they can think beyond their tribalism. All I have to do is highlight the more disgusting Christians so that they and their religion are smeared. The same things that lead people to a religious position are the same things that can be used to push them away. Until conservatives start teaching critical thinking skills and promoting evidence and logic, anyone can manipulate human groups using the innate thinking flaws that we all have. It’s so much easier to stereotype and blindly believe something rather than individualizing and fact checking. Liberals are a bit more difficult but since they aren’t as nasty as conservatives are, I don’t really have to highlight hypocrisy. If anything, my strategy with liberals is the exact opposite where I have to restrain their purity politics because it causes self-harm to liberal and progressive causes.

          2. Based on all that I have learned from you, this blog and others, I know that not all Christians are of the misguided evangelical types. The problem is that in the US, the misguided types are the majority of Christians (and Republicans), and that makes them an issue in our lives and politics. So vocal are they that, like I used to be, many people are not aware of the other Christians.

          3. I don’t think they make up the majority of Christians, it’s that they are by far the largest unified voting bloc and they are the only one whose members routinely use religion to justify their political decisions (not that it’s actually true — they are just politically right wing).

      2. “the county emergency room and they got treated before her.”

        Apparently she hasn’t learned that emergency rooms treat based on need not nationality.

    1. Interesting article. Sometimes the source of this useless banter emanates from some so immersed in their own life of misery with a strong need to project it onto others. Other times it is driven by our unseen common enemy of Jesus Christ. “ My sheep hear my voice and the voice of a stranger they will not listen to.” I believe real time intimacy with Jesus tunes our spiritual senses to “ the mystery of the gospel; Christ in us.” Paul also defines it as “ the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus.” With a Christ centric conscious awareness we are better able to discern motivations of commentators; dividing the soul from the spirit. Our spiritual discernment to rightly judge motives comes directly from the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ.

  2. In other words, those that agree with Carlson are other white nationalists. Shocking.

  3. Death and life are literally in the power of the tongue. Christian leaders who support our Presidents inflammatory statements with delusional obfuscations are far far away from Jesus Himself. And they will be the last to know.

    1. For someone who is pretty skeptical of anything from the Book of Revelation (and certainly the Hal Lindsey versions of it), I have to admit that current events have proven how such a deception could play out with the majority of the Church. It is amazing that they can’t see how they are so enthusiastically supporting evil. At the very least, the writer already understood the nature of believers, and maybe especially church leaders.

      1. Do not be bound with unbelievers; for what partnership has righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship has light with darkness? You ADULTERESSES, do you not know that friendship with the worlds systems is hostility toward God? Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend with the world makes himself an enemy of God.

        1. Just an aside, I can’t read that portion, “or what fellowship has light with darkness?” without remembering what it has been notoriously used to support. It’s amazing what people can justify with scripture sometimes, including Donald Trump.

          1. “ Let not many of you become teachers brethren, knowing that as such we will incur a stricter judgment.”

        2. “Unbelievers” aren’t the main people doing these murders. Stop sounding like a cultist and actually speak like the person that you are.

          1. Jesus used Scripture exclusively when dealing with Satan’s trickery and “ the Accuser of the brethren” didn’t seem to like it either…

          2. The written witness of Scripture directly teaches in Isaiah that Jesus Christ IS our New Covenant. Scripture also teaches that Jesus blood is not generic but SPECIFICALLY New Covenant blood offered in heaven once for all for our eternal redemption.

          3. The main message of the Bible is the prophesied, blood bought and glorious new covenant of grace; which continuously shines the spotlight on JESUS Christ and who we are in Him. Which is a beloved and redeemed child of God AND Kingdom of priests at new birth. Whose primary purpose is to minister unto the Lord in the inner court as a priest to be nearest his presence; thus bein g empowered to present JESUS himself, as a conduit, and bring the Kingdom of God to earth!

          4. Jesus used Scripture exclusively when dealing with Satan’s trickery and “ the Accuser of the brethren” didn’t seem to like it either…

  4. I just posted this comment on the previous Tucker Carlson thread, but I think it belong here too:

    It’s no accident that Carlson’s show has long been popular with white nationalist personalities like the Crying Nazi, Christopher Cantwell. Here is Cantwell, a self-professed racist, on Tucker Carlson from a post on his website last year:

    Still, it is not just the left and the neocons who think Tucker might be more informed than he makes himself out to be about white nationalism. If I were going to try and hide my decidedly racist views, I would sound a lot like Tucker Carlson. I would frequently state that race is not a subject I had any interest in discussing, and I would discourage my opponents and allies alike from making it seem like an important subject. I would make myself an expert on everything other than race, and provide compelling examples of all the non-racial reasons to implement the policies that served my decidedly racist agenda.

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