League of the South Strategies for Guerrilla Warfare

One of the leading white supremacist organizations in Charlottesville was the League of the South. The leader of the group is Michael Hill. You can see him circled in red below fighting last weekend in Charlottesville.

LoS Michael Hill Cville

Over the past several years, the League has become more clear in their white supremacist positions and become openly aligned with neo-Nazis and the KKK. This was demonstrated in Charlottesville by their participation in Unite the Right.

Hill has a history or writing incendiary posts for the League of the South website sometimes coming close to calls for violence. In 2014, Hill penned a description of what 4th Generation warfare would be like. Given their promise for more demonstrations to come, I think it is fair warning to reprint that description now.

In 4Gen Warfare the lines between the military and the political, economic, cultural, and social are blurred past the point of recognition. To oversimplify, the primary targets will not be enemy soldiers; instead, they will be political leaders, members of the hostile media, cultural icons, bureaucrats, and other of the managerial elite without whom the engines of tyranny don’t run.

4Gen Warfare doesn’t require that the populace be armed equal to the military and law enforcement. In fact, having such firepower, with few exceptions (such as full-auto “assault weapons,” silencers, and a handful of other esoteric toys), would be a logistical and tactical burden to the common 3- to 5-man group so common in this type of warfare. Stealth and the concentration of firepower at certain points for a short time are the keys to successful Gen4 Warfare, whether it’s busting up a traffic roadblock, ambushing a gun confiscation raid, or taking down a high-profile tyrant. If you want more from an historical standpoint, read about Michael Collins. If you want more from a modern, practical standpoint, read Joseph P. Martino’s Resistance to Tyranny: A Primer.

After Charlottesville, the League has taken on a victim mentality. They, along with other white nationalist groups, came to Charlottesville heavily armed. I am surprised more people were not hurt.

I think these groups should be monitored. If they begin to feel they are in a war, then Hill’s words might give clues to their next moves.