Jeff Breakfast Knows What Happened to My Blog

Comedian and CEO of Pathymnal Jeff Breakfast reveals the reasons for my recent demise.

Whatever it was, we know Warren did it, and that’s final. Okay—It’s not so much what he DID DO as what he DIDN’T DO. But hey, you didn’t hear it from me. Fine, you did—He DIDN’T SHUT HIS MOUTH is what. How dare he blow the whistle we gave him! Where I come from, If a “truthteller” keeps calling out fraud and injustice like some jackass, he’s bound to get a taste of fraud and injustice all right—homegrown style. Stings like a really large amount of bees, don’t it? All of this is of course invisible and uninteresting to the public and as such, neither he nor anybody else will think to “sing” about our dubious dismissal in public.

That seems clear.

Being from the Seattle area, the Rev. Breakfast has had things to say about Mark Driscoll before. And he has something to say about him here:

Say, speaking of which, how would you like to hear a spanking new hymn composed by Mark Driscoll? These sweet strains of praise from a former record company executive will fill your soul with the feeling that his new full-priced hymnal just might bridge the gap between you and God. We’ll just go ahead and start playing it three seconds ago and oops you are already listening to it so might as well not stop now. From his sharpie to your ears, don’t you just feel like it would be great if you tried to love it? After ten seconds you can click away it if you don’t have the faith of a mustard seed that your life or private parts could use an authoritarian man ordering them around.

So go read the rest of Rev. Breakfast’s explanation, it will bewilder and amuse.


9 thoughts on “Jeff Breakfast Knows What Happened to My Blog”

  1. Hi Warren. I just wanted to stop by to express my anger and disappointment with Patheos. I am an atheist, but in your blog over at the Evangelical channel I found a true voice of reason. Sure, we disagreed about fundamental things, but I was always impressed by your honestly, and by your willingness to engage with the facts.

  2. While I have no other reason to distrust Mr. Breakfast, I have become suspicious of men who wear dead animals on their heads and speak in Word Salad these days. However, since hilarity ensues when Mr. Breakfast speaks, we can probably assume that he knows whereof he speaks. Kinda. Sorta. Maybe a little. Really not that much. Sigh

    1. seashell: a fraudulent Disqus account has again been created to impersonate and harass me across multiple comment sections beginning with Sojourners. This is the fifth fraudulent account to impersonate me.

      My account, opened in 2011, has 4,604 comments with 13,590 upvotes. The fraud’s account, opened yesterday, is set to private and has 20 comments. I mention this because the abuser is targeting comment sections I regularly visit and replying to users I interact with. I’ve already posted a comment alterting Dr. Throckmorton, but wanted to let you know in case the abuser attempts to engage you.

      1. OMG, otrotierra! I’m so glad you alerted me. Any idea why this is happening? I find it hard to believe you offended someone so badly that it would cause this type of reaction. I’ll let you know if I see anything.

        1. It turns out fellow user “L E” over at Fred Clark’s Slacktivist blog has already gathered a good deal of data on this repeat abuser. I first encountered the fraudulent account at RedLetterChristians, where the moderator enabled his harrassment. But I don’t see Dr. Throckmorton standing for such abuse of power, and though Sojourners has moderated harassment in the past, they’re understaffed. Anyway, just wanted you to know in case the abuser attempts to engage you.

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