Gospel for Asia UK Says K.P. Yohannan is Not on Believers’ Church Board, Church Constitution Says Otherwise

Obviously, Gospel for Asia founder and CEO K.P. Yohannan wants people to believe he doesn’t sit on any boards of Believers’ Eastern Church in India.  Even though he is the Metropolitan Bishop of the church, he told his own staff and the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability that he wasn’t in authority. Now I have found a financial statement filed in the UK where he claims he isn’t on BEC’s board (see note 10). See below:

During the period, none of the Trustees of GFA World received emuneration from the Charity (2015 anil).

On 18th October 2016 a donation of F1,660,000 was made to Believers Church India to further the Charity’s objectives. Kadappilaril Yohannan Punnose, is Metropolitan Bishop of Believers Church, which is GFA World’s primary recipient of funds. Whilst he does not sit on the Board of Believers Church and receives no remuneration from Believers Church, he does exercise spiritual oversight through his role as a member of Believers Church’s Council of Bishops. Daniel Punnose is the son of Kadappilaril Yohannan Punnose and is an ordained minister and is a Bishop of Believers Church (among many), but has no formal leadership role in Asia. He is not on the Board of Believers Church and receives no remuneration from Believers Church India.

Gospel for Asia (US) funded a number of radio broadcasts in the UK and provided some administrative support for many of the appeals and communications with supporters in the UK. Kadappilaril Yohannan Punnose and Daniel Punnose are both members of the Board of Gospel for Asia (US) and received remuneration from Gospel for Asia (US) for their services.

On 24th May 2016 a donation was made to Gospel For Asia (US) for 282,000 for two months of “Road to Reality” radio broadcasts in the US. Two of the trustees of GFA World are also trustees of Gospel for Asia (US), and as such were not present in the meeting where the decision was made to make the grant

I have demonstrated repeatedly that Yohannan is referred to as the head trustee, the final authority, and the one who inaugurates the Bishop’s Council in church documents. The church Constitution makes this extremely clear:

FOrmer GFA COO Appeared to Admit What Seems Obvious

In a February hearing, an email from former Gospel for Asia COO David Carroll to Yohannan was quoted by attorney Marc Stanley. Atty Stanley represents Garland and Phyllis Murphy who are suing GFA and various officers of the organization alleging fraud and misuse of funds. In this citation, Carroll reminds Yohannan that they have told the public Yohannan has nothing to do with finances and is only the spiritual head but implies such a representation isn’t true.

We can say all we want that we don’t have anything to do with the Believers Church or the field and that you are only the spiritual head of the church and that finances are handled by others but you, but as a practical
matter, that will not hold up.

To the charity commission of the UK, GFA World with K.P. Yohannan sitting on the board, again claimed something that is contradicted by the organization’s founding trust documents, the church’s constitution, and many court documents in India. More recently, we have this statement from a former COO.

Perhaps, there is an explanation. The burden is on GFA and Rev. Yohannan to offer it.

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  1. I am shocked and heartbroken. My mother was poor, yet she gave almost every extra penny to GFA–for years! She had $35 of her own each month. And she sent it to GFA. She asked all of her family to give to GFA in lieu of gifts to her. My nuclear family had little money, because I was a SAHM. My kids and I were so careful in spending our Jesus money to buy bunnies and sewing machines and hats… from that Christmas catalog. . Later when things improved financially, we gave more.Today, I got a postcard about the class action suit. Until tonight, I never had a clue what was going on. So I started reading some of the testimonies of former “employees.” You know–the people who had to raise their own support for the privilege of being verbally and emotionally abused by the GFA cult. while working like indentured servants. I am horrified! Just another cult led by a “Bishop” who thinks he can control everything from your dating habits to your having children or speaking with non-cult friends.Shame on the whole lot of the cult rulers! So yes—give me back my money.

  2. That explanation of GFA’s finances regarding KP Yohannan seems. . .peculiar. . .at best. I suspect that untangling the truth of the matter will be a job for the courts.

    1. It is interesting. Looks like the UK became GFA World in December 2017.
      They are a smaller operation than I thought – 4 full time employees, 10 volunteers, expenses exceeded input last filing, and they pulled in about 3.3 million Cdn. In contrast, Canada pulled in 10.8 million, and has 13 full time employees and 13 part time. Canada also made the name change in 2017.

      The UK Charity Commission was assessing claims against GfA in 2016 – like Rev Can.
      Nothing since that I can find.

  3. More contradictory statements being made dependent on who the audience is and which country it is in. Telling the truth is just so much simpler than lying. I am still wondering where the court case is at the current moment.

  4. I support you, Warren! Glad for you to have a place for your blog.

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